21 Pieces Of Cute And Affordable Workout Gear That’ll Actually Want To Make You Work Out


With 4 more days left until the start of our 30 DAY #careergirlchallenge, we like the promise of a new wardrobe to accompany our workouts. But, when it comes to our workout gear, we also demand way more than just cute designs. We need performance features, such as moisture-wicking fabric and anti-chafing seamless cuts. Which is why we are pleasantly surprised to find that Urban Outfitters has an amazing workout gear collection. Click through to see our favourite picks.

Which item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to join our 30 day #careergirlchallenge

  1. That’s true that I like to look nice while I work out. If my clothes are too baggy, I feel like I’m running in pajamas. It’s nice when your clothes wick away moisture and stuff like that too. It’s probably about time that I picked some new workout clothes. I was 30 pounds heavier last time I bought some.

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