How This 23-year-old Achieved Over 9 Million Instagram Followers

Kenza Zouiten


For those of you who haven’t heard of Manal Shaikh – you’re not alone. She’s not widely known online, despite being the creator behind major insta accounts; nail art account @naildecor (1.8 million followers), makeup gallery @wakeupandmakeup (9.6 million) and nail how-to profile @naildecorvideos (4 million).

Yep, Manal’s three social pages tally up a combined following of over 9 million, so it’s fair to say the girl knows a thing or two about killing it in beauty and social. So how did Manal build her colossal following despite zero selfies or holiday spam? We don’t get it either…

She found a niche
Believe it or not, a beauty account with a unique angle can be a niche. In an interview with Fashionista, Manal explains how she discovered there wasn’t a page that specifically catered to supporting makeup artists…so she created @wakeupandmakeup.

She posts her passions
Manal is beauty obsessed and her Instagram pages are an outlet for her passion for vibrant nails and flawless makeup. There is passion, reasoning and strategy behind each post and this resonates with her followers.

Her Instagram has a clear style
We all have our favorite insta pages, and it’s no surprise that they are often beautifully consistent and themed. A strong theme and brand attracts followers that stick around and devour every post.

She collaborates with industry personalities
Manal’s Instagram pages each post images that she loves and feels they appeal to her audience. Although Manal rarely posts her own looks, she supports beauty bloggers and Youtubers by posting their looks to her audience. Working with others means greater reach and new followers.

She tests her content
Over time Manal has tested different styles and paid attention to their results. Images that do well she knows to post more often, ones that don’t will often get cut. The more time spent learning about her audiences’ tastes, the greater the results.

In a world of oversharing, Manal stands outs as a new kind of influencer, one who has built immense success online and even gone on to launch her own eyelash business Eyeris Beauty. You go, girl!

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