At 25 These Are The Things I Am Done Feeling Bad About


When I was 15 I was so sure that by 25 I would have a kick ass job (to be fair I do!), have a dream apartment, travel the world, have lots of money in the bank and basically have my whole life together.

Now that I am 25, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Twenty five is this weird age where you are definitely not a kid anymore, but also don’t really feel like a grownup.

There are some habits that I hoped would be gone by the time I hit 25, but are still here. I used to feel bad about some of them, but I’ve realized life is way too short for guilt and bad feelings.

#1 Staying in on Fridays and Saturdays

FOMO was real in my early 20s; especially when I was living in Berlin and just moved to London. I had to attend every single party that was happening. Right now I do appreciate my nights in during the weekend, I mean what is better than spending your Saturday in bed with pizza and Netflix? Don’t get me wrong I still do go out and love it, but FOMO is definitely gone and I don’t have the feeling that I have to attend every party. Call me a granny, call me boring, I don’t really care. Saturday nights in are just the best.

#2 Spending most of my money on food

Food is life! And when I look at my bank account I think 60% goes to lunches, dinners, takeaways and everything else related to food. For me food is part of fun, so whenever I meet up with someone, food needs to be involved. Especially living in London makes it really hard with 1000s of restaurants at my doorstep. But hey, as long as I don’t overspend my budget and keep saving money, who cares!

#3 Not having my life together

When I look at most of my friends, they all seem to have their lives together. Buying a house, stable relationship, great job and a good social life. Me… not so much. I finally feel like I am starting to get a grip on what it is to be an adult, but don’t have the feeling that I want to settle down (I mean there is a whole world out there to discover!). So maybe it is just me still wondering around, or maybe I am just a late bloomer. Whatever it is, I don’t feel guilty about not having my life together.

#4 Watching reality TV and cartoons

Most people see it as a ”guilty pleasure”. Others claim they never ever watched The Hills, KUWTK or MIC, but I am sure that we’ve all tried at least one reality show. It seems to be extra hip within our generation to say ”I don’t watch tv” which, in most cases, is said to make yourself look extra intellectual and smart. Technically that can be true since most of us use laptops to watch our series, but seriously, there is nothing wrong with binge watching The Hills or Finding Nemo on a Saturday night!

#5 Working all the time 

It seems to be cooler to go traveling and have the best time with friends and inflatable flamingos, but most of us just can’t do that. I’m lucky that I love my job and I actually want to work. But there’s a lot of stigma about working too much. But if you’re passionate about what you’re doing now – there’s plenty of time to relax later on.

What are you done feeling bad about? Share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. I’m guilty of number 2 and many more of the above but, definitely number 2!

    Holly at x

  2. So happy you posted this. Glad i’m not alone, I’m done feeling bad too!

    Also just discovered your site in the last few weeks, I now read everyday, I love it! :) x

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