How A 27 Year Old Former Model Became The Only Woman In Trump’s Inner Circle




If there was ever a name that could divide a nation it would be Donald Trump. This week, his daughter Ivanka came out in support of her father by saying he was ‘a feminist’. The guy that called Heidi Klum ‘no longer a 10.’

Would you be surprised to know that in Trump’s inner circle, there’s a 27-year-old woman carefully guarding his social media accounts? Hope Hicks is a former model. A millennial. The last person you’d expect to be working on Trump’s reputation.

Yet, here she is. Hope is Trump’s Communications Director. She is reportedly in charge of his ‘social media blacklist’, ensuring reporters that fall out of Trump’s favor do not appear at press events. She’s also reportedly responsible for some more controversial moments. She was called in when Trump rebuked the Pope’s point about the Christian-ness of his wall-building idea. And again when a female reporter made accusations against Trump’s campaign manager.

She has no background in politics

Trump didn’t just hire her for her name, though. Although I’m sure he finds it reassuring to have ‘Hope’ on his side. She actually began in the hotel and golf division of his company for PR firm Hiltzik Strategies. Then she was brought in as director of communications in 2014 at the age of 24, and the following year Trump asked her to be part of his campaign. She’s even modelled on his daughter’s blog. But she is not an average example of someone so close to a presidential candidate.

Firstly, she doesn’t have a background in politics. She has like 0 experience in it actually, but neither does Trump. Hope doesn’t speak for Trump because he is so confident in speaking for himself. Somehow, the statements that would be political nightmares for other candidates, have kept Trump in the runnings. So she doesn’t need to do much damage control.

She scrubbed her social media and works long hours

If her views differ from Trump’s, you’d never know. She scrubbed her social media accounts and hardly ever does interviews. “She gets a call a minute, probably,” Trump tells GQ. Her job is busy, her hours are long, but this job will put her on the map. “This is Mr. Trump’s time away from his family, and frankly, it’s his money. He’s spent millions, and the thing we can do is work to the best of our ability as hard as possible. The pressure and the long hours—it’s all relative to what he’s putting in, which is everything.” she told Marie Claire.

She knows the demands of the job 

When things fall apart and people get fired, Hicks remains calm. She is described as a people pleaser but has the tough edge to know what a successful career means to her in the long-run. It means she must put in the work now, she lives in a Trump apartment provided by the campaign, and she broke up with her boyfriend of six years. People reported seeing her in the street crying and screaming after an argument with Trump’s ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

It’s a job that I couldn’t do. And many other girls my age wouldn’t be able to, either. Which shows that Hicks has a drive, passion and genuine enthusiasm for career advancement that many of us lack. And whether or not she agrees with Donald’s beliefs, she knows not to bite the hand that feeds her. Her next job could come from the way she handles this one.


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