4 Apps We Love That Will Make Your Week Easier

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Our smartphones and tablets are undeniably a huge part of our daily life. We take them with us everywhere we go, from work to bed, and they are becoming more indispensable every day. Smartphones and tablets are not indeed made just for Instagram and Snapchat (even though I must admit they are two of my favourite apps of all time), but can be our third hand and help us be more productive and organized. There are so many apps available you just need to choose wisely. Here are this weeks picks!


Texting is a big part of our life and unfortunately takes up a great deal of time. So why not schedule your messages instead to avoid wasting time during the day? Watstime will allow you to schedule messages, so when you wake up in the middle of the night thinking you need to tell someone something, you can schedule it for a more appropriate time. Great app.


This marvellous app will help you stress less about money and help you take control of your finances. This free app is connected to your credit cards and bank accounts and will give you an idea of where you are and suggest a plan for improvement.

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Math 42

If you are a student, whether you are still in high school or you are facing that dreadful yet exciting experience that is college, this app will help you understand maths better. It will suggest intelligent approaches to solutions and help you with homework and exams. If you are a Career Girl with a scientific mind this is the app for you!


This app will notify you every time your friends are around your area in order not to miss a chance to meet up with them or just chat a little bit after a tiring day. It’s perfect for Career Girls who don’t have a lot of time to schedule meetings but want to grab coffees at lunch or drinks after work spontaneously! See your friends on the radar, Sup with them and have fun!

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