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CGD is officially one-year-old! It’s been a hell of a year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your feedback and support! We’re so grateful, so we wanted to say thanks by running a giveaway every week for a month!


This week’s prize is the popular PMD Personal Microderm System and 3 StarSkin masks. Both an amazing treat to your skin!

This giveaway runs from February 14th to February 21st. The winner will receive an email February 22.

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  1. love to read about business and health. it is a perfect blog for a student girl in the last part of her student life and at the first of her business life ;)
    kiss by an italian girl

  2. I’d love to read more about balancing lifestyle and business life. There’s only so much time in a day and so much stuff to get done it’d be good to read some great tips on how to balance these two out.

  3. Some of my favorite posts are the ones about the books that inspire and motivate you. I’d love to know what fiction books do the same as well! :)

  4. I love to read all of your business ideas balanced with looking after yourself. It’s so important not to put either one first.

  5. I would really like to see how you balance career, family, and staying healthy, without getting stressed. That seems to be a huge problem with me…

  6. I would love to read more technology-related posts. Career Girl Daily inspired me to learn how to code. I have been able to apply that skill to my resume! It’s important for women to immerse themselves in the tech industry!

  7. I would love some more posts for ‘twenty somethings’, because as a 20 year old I find myself having major aspirations for owning my own company and I love the tips and advice you all provide. Too, more lists of websites/apps, I actually pay attention to those a lot and those apps tend to help me with many things! xx

  8. I would love to read about the London life, because i’m thinking of moving there from Italy, and i would love to read about tips to live in a big and beautiful city like London!

  9. I subscribe to your emails, and I am following you on Instagram (@ErinLoves2Run) and Facebook. I would love to read more quick style tips while on the job. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  10. I would love to read about some extra jobs that you can have and find while still working 9-5 5 days a week :-)

  11. I would like to read something about self-improvement. How to be better at your job? How to deal with unexpected situations at your workplace.
    Thank you !!!

  12. I would like to read how you girls met, came up with the idea and how long it took for you girls to take action. Also I would love to know more about building your self esteem, loving yourself better, finding your own style and being able to convey the real you through fashion without being self conscious. Thirdly ( sorry :( :) ) I would love to know more about make up and what a beginner should start with and doing eyebrows, right make up brands ( cheap and expensive).

    Tee xx

  13. i would love to hear more about how to navigate the work world in your 20s, especially how to be taken seriously among older coworkers!!

  14. I would like to read about alternative ways to make money on the internet, study tips for when you go to university and then I love your App-guides; more of those, please!! <3

  15. Real life case studies, about women from different fields excelling at their careers. I’d also like to read more “tutorials” .

  16. Career girl.. So you are in your early 30’s.. Working hard for a lift off career wise.. And then it hits you.. How can start a family and keep my career high? I can’t work until 9pm every day making sure you nail it! ..but you want a family! Let’s talk about this struggle that only women face in their lives!

  17. It would be great to read some article about online courses that could help to grow our careers, about how to start your own business without having budget, time management for women who want to have it all: family, career, look good and feel happy. And of course more about successful women as for me it’s a big inspiration!

  18. What happens when you hit boredom in your career? I have been doing mine for 14 years now and I feel…stuck in a rut.

  19. Hi to all the Career Girls out there. My name is Catarina and I am from Lisbon , Portugal. I am starting my own business. I am writing my business plan and start to test the market. It´s important for me to learn some skills about business management and some topics about how to reach my goal near the potencial suppliers. What is important? How to speak with them? what kind of tools can I use… Thanks . Have a great day!

  20. Something I would love to see is an article on getting back into the workforce from being a SAHM :) I’m slightly overwhelmed with the process, but I’m on my way to landing a full time career!

  21. Advice from industry experts, how to make the most of your money, travel inspiration – where to travel in your 20s, how to become a successful blogger, mid-year check in – do you need to set more goals, how to live an uncluttered life, career girl daily team Q&A, embracing inner beauty, fitness tips, interview advice.

  22. I’d like to read about what to wear to job interviews ( with a distinction between different job types). Also, how you can succesfully network ( even if you’re a bit of an introvert).

  23. Daily productivity and organisation hacks, advice from industry experts/profiles and interviews of experts, confidence in the workplace

  24. I would like to read more on entrepreneurship, motivation and organization, although I love what I already read.

  25. I would love to read even more success stories/advice of women from different fields, tips for how to build a solid network (especially if you are a bit shy) and what you can expect as such events, and more about how to get a kickstart your career while you are still in school.

  26. I think just keep whatever you are doing is great. and I would like to read something like how to break in to Fashion or any other industry, and maybe what girl bosses are actually looking for when they interview someone who are maybe just a undergraduate student or someone new to the job.

  27. Anything business, marketing/branding and self improvement is good for me! ? However, I’m and eclectic reader and am so glad I found your blog. You often touch on topics that interest me without me even knowing that I’m interested! Lol. I’m on the verg of becoming self employed and starting my own company, so anything that can give me that final push I need would be great. Would love to see an article on creating a downloadable online course/product. Many thanks for all your inspiration. A x

  28. I would love to read about how to know what my “mission” is, how could I make that match my professional life and maybe make a career out of it. How can I might have my own business and be both successful and helping people for real. I absolutely love everything I read here and some articles have been sooo helpful in my search for professional advice and on how to be at peace with myself being at my early twenties and feeling all messed up.

  29. There are lots of books, movies, social media channels etc.which invoke you to rise and stay strong in the way to reach your goals ,but only few of them can really keep you motivative and stay on the right track. So, I would love CareerGirlDaily to give us useful tips how to stay motivative and at the same time be real with the time. Also it would be great if I can learn and share some life hacks which can save us (girls) our precious time!
    Thank you!????

  30. Fashion advices for working in an office would help me a lot! I’m panicking every morning ;) and I wanna add that this is the best blog I’m following! Good job and please continue :)

  31. How moving to a different country can help you in your career development. I’m moving to Australia from the UK soon and would love some positive encouragement! X

  32. You guys are doing great regarding the content you’re putting out! Maybe some more self-improvement or stress management

  33. I would love to read advice on how to get out of a rut in your career. Signs you should stay and work through it and when to know it’s time to make a change in career or employer.

  34. It would be interesting if you guys tried to follow certain fitness regimen and tell us your honest thoughts on it. Was it easy to stick to? Did your health improve etc.

  35. I would like to read more success stories from women about balancing their home and work life. As someone who is working their way up the ladder, I feel most inspired when hearing about women who are kick ass bosses, but not “work-a-holics.”

  36. I look forward to reading about rediscovering oneself during a career transition. I know I can’t be the only one to break away from the comfort of a job you’ve grown out of, and on to following your passion in a different field, and the trials of starting over.

  37. I would like to read about new and effective ways to really motivate yourself to work when you’re a huge procrastinator!

  38. I’d like to read more about how to style outfits for larger girls. I’m a size 10-not plus size-but too big for most of the clothing on your articles. Also, I’d like to read more about making the most of my commute. I drive an average of 2 hours a day. I’d like to know if there are ways to use that time more wisely. At this point, I’ve been listening to books instead of just the radio. If I don’t do something productive with that HUGE chunk of time, I start feeling like a large portion of my day is wasted.

  39. I really struggle to balance my diet with work and university, it would be great to read more articles on staying healthy when you’re on the go and have little time with meal plan ideas, preps, and recipes.

  40. More on mental wellness and keeping the brain active and sharp…because in order to live a happy healthy life we need a healthy mind, whatever the career. Thank you for all the wonderful content this past year…y’all are appreciated.

  41. If I could read about creating a flawless appearance in the early morning hours and having it last throughout my work day that would be fantastic.

  42. I love to reading career advice, entrepreneurial article, self improvement, and empowering articles on Career girl to help me be the best and most successfull me I can be.

  43. I would love to read more about skincare. Especially with Autumn coming up, how to take better care of your skin according to the weather.

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