3 Ebooks You Should Read When You Want To Start Up Your Own Business

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Books are amazing. They can break up your commute or help you wind down after a rough day at the office. Not only are you taking some well-deserved me time, but if you pick up the right book you can totally educate yourself. Ebooks are a great choice for modern living – having them downloaded onto your favorite device means with any spare moment you can discover new information while having fun. Ps. Like what you see? That’s the Gingham Clipboard Dress and Mini Transport Crossbody from Madewell

Here are 3 of our favorite reads right now!


The True Path To Building Your Business And Living Your Dream by Kimanzi Constable & Jared Easley


This epic little book is a must read for those aspiring to build their own business empire. Read our article on starting a business from your bedroom to get started, and then pick up this book to find out why you should stop looking up to major figures for inspiration and follow your own road.


How To Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Time And Money by Pat Flynn


So you are full to the brim with awesome ideas but are afraid to take the next step? Written in a friendly, accessible and conversational tone; this ebook will give you a step-by-step guide to help you develop a successful business.



How To Stop Procrastinating, Build A Business And Do Work That Matters by Jon Naster


Packed full of insightful hints and tips for budding entrepreneurs, make time to download this ebook because it will help you cement your brand to no end.

The range of ebooks for entrepreneurs is endless, but they are also investments. What’s more, some of these amazing books cost less than your daily coffee. So, next time you are waiting in line at the bank, in the doctor’s waiting room or on your morning commute, pull out an ebook. You could come across some awesome advice that will take your business to the next level!



By Catherine Murphy

  1. Stop Chasing Influencers looks really good. Probably a nice life motto too!


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