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3 Common Cardio Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Day 27 of this #CareerGirlChallenge is officially over. Today’s workout was quite tough and I already can feel the muscle ache coming up.

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Tomorrow is a day of rest and I am really looking forward to it. Sunday is the perfect day for some yoga and meditation and that is exactly what I am going to do.

I start every workout with some cardio to ‘warm’ myself up for the rest of my training. I have been doing that since the very first day I started working out and personally for me, it is getting me in ‘full beast mood’  and gives me extra energy to continue with the rest of my workout.

When I look at when I just started, there are a lot of things that I did wrong and were ineffective.  One of my gym buddies back then gave me 3 amazing tips that made me understand cardio and of course I share these tips with you, the Career Girls.

#1 – Doing it too long

We believe that the more, the better, but this does not work for cardio. Unless you are training for an event that is 45 minutes or longer, a 30-minute cardio is the more effective than going on for an hour.

Doing cardio for too long can also have negative consequences. If you aren’t drinking enough or have a very bad food pattern, combined with a too long cardio session, it can prevent you from losing weight.

#2 – Going too easy

A gadget that everyone who wants to effectively do cardio needs to have is a heart rate monitor to make sure you are working hard enough. If you are still able to discuss all the latest gossip from your gym with the girl doing cardio next to you, you are definitely not working as hard as you should.

Numerous studies show that it is not about the duration of the workout but the intensity of the exercise. There is even a study that shows (Tabata, 1996) that a 4-minute workout with high-intensity intervals is more effective than a 60-minute session of cardio.

#3 – Not enough variety

This is one I am very guilty of, always doing the same cardio routine. Cardio is so much more than going on the cross trainer and listening to music. There are so many cardio options that we do something different every day. The best way to effectively do cardio is different exercises with high-intensity intervals



It is time again to have a day of rest tomorrow. With the hardcore exercises of today, a day with absolutely nothing else but meditation and yoga, is just perfect.

I love yoga and whenever I do it, I try to find new and interesting YouTube video’s that can help me to relax and just forget about everything that is happening around me and focus on me and the present (best feeling ever!).

The next video is for people who would like to start yoga, and if you are more advanced, this video is just a perfect way to work on your routine and relax at the same time.

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  1. Sally says

    Completely agree with these. I’d rather do 5 shorter workouts than 2 extra long ones. You get more out of an elevated heart rate on a regular basis, plus you’ll work harder in the shorter workouts.

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