3 Expert Tips To Make 2021 The Best Year Ever


Are your 2021 goals ready? 2020 was not the year we expected it to be. This time last year we were all wondering about the possibilities of a perfect 2020. An organized 2020, a productive 2020. 2020 sounded like such a good year. It turned out to be a weird one. And now we need to think about 2021, knowing it could be a very different year. Hoping it will be a better one.

So, yes, sometimes we need some expert advice to get us on the right track. To set realistic goals for ourselves and to learn how to make 2021 a good year, no matter what.


Start 2021 off on the right foot by opening yourself up and trying to figure out what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, and what, if anything, you’ve tried to avoid. Be honest with yourself and journal about everything that affected you this year, everything you wanted to change, and everything you achieved. It might feel like less than last year, but it’s definitely more. We’ve all been through this together, and before we can come out of the other side, we need to review and reflect.

Start by asking yourself what your successes were, go into detail here, what did you achieve and how? Then move on to mistakes, what do you want to learn from next year? Don’t waste time feeling bad, instead, think about what you want to take forward into 2021.

When you start reflecting you can make smarter goals, achievable goals, and focus your energy on the right things.

Why it works: Judith Orloff, M.D is a psychiatrist, an empath, and is on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty. She says that a thorough life review can remind you that you don’t have to be perfect or infallible, but that your goal should always be to learn from mistakes and successes so you can grow.



Look at your to-do list. How’s it looking. Is it vague? Be more specific. Give yourself timed slots and write down exactly what you will have achieved. This boosts the sense of satisfaction you get when you achieve it in the time you expected or even earlier than you expected. Break down a task like ‘write an article’ into multi-stages and decide when you will have completed those stages.

Why it works: Grace Marshall, author of ‘How to be REALLY productive’ says: “When we’re in action mode, we want to get on and do. If our to-do list tells us the topic, but not the action, it creates more work for our brains, and we’re more likely to glance past it and search for something we can actually do instead.



Help yourself out by throwing away any old bits of paper you’ve been writing on or scrubby lined notebooks. Instead, get yourself a planner that works to help you manage your goals and your time. This is one of those 2021 goals that are super achievable!

For example, The Getting Stuff Done planner. You can write your top goals of the day, a breakdown of all your projects, and then focus on your self-care, meal prep, water intake, and personal goals. This way, you can have a fulfilled, whole day that focuses not just on what you want to achieve, but how you feel.

Why it works: Clinical psychologist Barbara Markway says, “while many people think of productivity as it relates to their job, you also want to be productive at home. This might include getting cleaning and home organization done, or working on projects you keep putting it off. Regardless of what it is, planners help you to stay on track with each individual task you need to complete and encourage you to move on to the next one effectively and efficiently.”