3 Important Life-Lessons I Learned Last Year

January is almost over so I thought this was the perfect moment to look back at 2016 with a fresh mind and rationally evaluate it.

I’m sure we all learned some serious lessons last year, from how to take care of ourselves to how to deal with stress. The important thing is that you take those lessons into consideration and keep learning from them in 2017 and beyond! So, here are a few life lessons I learned last year…

1. Love Yourself

I know it might sound cliché but you really need to start loving yourself and caring for your body. We all have imperfections and we all have to embrace them because they are what makes us unique. We’ve all had struggles with our bodies, I know I have but I decided to take control, do something about it and start the change I wanted to see. In the midst of this process, I promised myself to never hate myself and my body ever again. Today there are still things I’d change but I’ve learned to love my imperfections and see them as strengths and beauty.

2. Let Go

People come and go. Friends, just as much as lovers, are not always on the same page and when this is the case they often want different things. It’s pointless to keep holding onto someone and something that deep down you know is not meant to be. And don’t blame yourself for this! You need to learn to let go but at the same time cherish what you’ve experienced because in a way it contributed to what you are now.

3. Don’t Let People Define You

One lesson I know most people my age have learned recently is not to listen to people who put you down! We tend to believe in what people say about us, rather than in our own strength. I believed that I couldn’t find a job once I graduated and even if I did it would’ve been miserable. I believed I wasn’t good enough and that becoming a career girl would’ve been almost impossible because I’d heard so many no’s! The moment I decided to just listen to my inner voice and trust my gut it was the moment that I proved them all wrong!

Now I want to hear your life-lessons! What did you learn from 2016? 

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  • Lottie Gibbons

    This year I definitely want to respect and love my body more!

  • Cristina

    I love the last point! It is so damaging to let other people define you or to let yourself defined by the society’s so called “rules”.

    Cristina | *janded

  • sara

    Don’t do things only for other people, do things for yourself

  • Amy M

    Couldn’t agree more! I learnt that a positive mind-set is crucial for achieving your dreams ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  • Arden Moore

    Love these. Totally agree :-)

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  • Sian

    I need to start remembering these. All of them are so important – particularly learning to let go. I learnt that taking time for yourself and indulging in self care isn’t time wasting, but that it is so vital to your wellbeing!

  • Meg

    Excellent — thank you. Have forwarded to several friends. Great reminders.