3 Incredible Ways To Find Your New Mentor


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I am convinced that one of the best ways to learn from successful entrepreneurs out there is to find role models! While I recommend not to focus on just one it’s certainly also important to find your own way, I find it very inspiring to see where others came from and where they’ve gone. We’ve written about how important it is to have a mentor before, so if you need to find one here’s how!


The internet

With the internet you have access to a whole world of entrepreneurship out there: From countless bloggers writing about their business to the TED Talks, like our favorite on being more positive, which I personally love a lot, you can connect with people from all walks of life doing all sorts of things as well as just find your new faves for inspiration.


In the office

What the internet can’t provide you with though are personal conversations or personal advice. Therefore I recommend to look for role models in your office or whereever else you work. Don’t be shy to ask if you have any questions! Read our guide on socializing with your colleagues here!



Close to you!

Sometimes, you can learn a lot from people who at first glance seem to have nothing to do with your career. I know a young woman who right now is getting more and more successful and constantly says that her biggest role model is her grandmother, because she’s taught her to be ambitious. Read more about how to rock your career when you don’t have a role model here.

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  • aNDriea DEnise

    I’ve actually been looking for a role model. These are some great tips. I spend a lot of my time at home…the majority of my time, actually. I’ve got to get out more!

  • Ebony Stephenson

    Love this post!


  • Olaya Guerrero

    Good recommendations. I have asked professionals around as well and it worked.


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