4 Korean Beauty Products That Are Totally Worth The Hype


Korean beauty products have taken over the beauty world. And no wonder. With their cutting-edge technology and affordable prices, they promise to make our skin soft and radiant, without breaking our bank.

But do they deliver? Let’s find out:


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Good Old BB Creams
Although created by German dermatologists to soothe the skin of patients who had undergone laser surgery, BB creams like Mizon Watermax Moisture exploded in Korea. BB cream evolved into an amazing multitasker that acts as a primer, anti-ageing moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. It preps skin, makes it soft and smooth, helps fight wrinkles and UV rays, and evens out the skin tone. Korean women use up to 15 products a day on their skin, so no wonder they jumped on the BB cream bandwagon. Saves them so much time!

Their ultimate favourite? Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream. It has a luxurious texture that melts into the skin, evening it out and brightening it up. Helpful tip, some of the BB creams you know and love are just tinted moisturizers, so do be wary.

Snail slime infused moisturizers
Koreans aren’t grossed out easily. If something works, they’ll use it. And snail slime works. Studies show it moisturizes skin, keeping it soft and smooth. Their favourite? Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Creme, ladies.

Cushion Foundations
Korean skincare products get all the attention, but the makeup is pretty amazing too. The latest innovation? Cushion foundations. They’re liquid foundations, BB creams, or CC creams pre-soaked into a sponge and applied… with another sponge! The saturated sponge only releases a small amount of product at a time, allowing you to easily build up coverage. It’ll never look cakey! And, of course, cushion foundations come with a ton of skincare benefits. They are all infused with SPF and antioxidants to protect your skin from UV rays and environmental damage. Our favourite is Skin Food Royal Honey Cover Bounce Cushion. It has SPF 50+ PA+++, covers imperfections, brightens skin, and, best of all , smells just like honey! It’s impossible to resist!

Rubber Masks
Sheet masks are so old news. Rubber masks are all the rage now. They’re so easy to use! Mix equal parts of water and powder, wait a couple of minutes for the paste to harden, and, then, slather it on your face. You’ll look like Casper The Friendly Ghost for a while, but the results are so worth it. They make skin silky soft and oh so smooth! Don’t believe me? Try the Lindsay Collagen Modeling Mask. You’ll never go back to sheet masks again!


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Have you ever tried Korean beauty products? What are your favourites?

By Giorgia Guazzarotti



Inspirational Photos: Urban Outfitters & Irene Kim

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