3 Life lessons We Can Learn From Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl! How many nights have we chosen it before going out partying? Just to stay at home and find out which scandal happens that night. Well at least it teaches us some important life lessons that the Vodka that would have got spilled on your dress that night probably couldn’t.

Here are some life lessons we’ve learned from Gossip Girl, ‘XOXO’.

#1 – Always Look Good 

A human brain takes the first impression within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, in Gossip Girl everybody, looks flawless all the time. What do we learn from that? Always dress well as long as you want to make a good first impression. But don’t forget looks are not all that matters, never underestimate how much more your education and intelligence can do for you. And beauty does come from the inside – there are tons of beautiful, rich girls in NYC and Chuck still chose Blair…I guess not only for her looks.

#2 – People Will Gossip

No matter what you do, how well you do, how much you screw up, how loving you are people will always gossip and hate. I guess it’s human nature and stems from some form of jealousy. Even though I try to gossip less, I sometimes still find myself doing it. So learn from it and do whatever makes you happy.

#3 – Go For What You Want In Life – Before Who You Want In Life

People have these annoying side effects – disappointing each other. Even though Chuck and Blair are made for each other – they still decide to take breaks to pursue their own dreams in life, which I personally think is very important. You don’t wanna be sixty sitting on a couch and thinking why didn’t I sign that contract? Why didn’t I travel? Even though you are sitting next to the love of your life. Who knows maybe you significant other thinks the exact same thing at that moment.

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xoxo ….. Gossip Girl


By Benita Ilgenstein