3 Make-up Looks To Wear At A Creative Job Interview

CImaDZzWUAERzKW-600x600 (1)So, you’ve finally landed that interview for the job of your dreams! Congratulations! But now you’re stuck. What make-up should you wear? Everyone says to play it safe, and go for the “no-make-up” make-up look. It never fails. But you’re worried this time it might. The job is in a creative field and you want your imagination and originality to show in your look. The interviewer must take a look at you and realize you’re just right for this job. You want to look fresh, original, professional and creative. How do you make that happen? Here are a few tips:

#1 Wing it, baby!

If you’re not sure how much leeway you have with your make-up, keep it simple. Wear a toned down, more natural version of your everyday look, and spice it up with your eye-liner. Just add a little flick at the end and you’re done. If you still haven’t mastered the cat eye-liner look, don’t worry. Just draw a straight line as always, but with a coloured eye-liner. It’ll add a playful touch to your look. But no so playful to scare off your potential employer!

#2 Bold mouth

If the job is in a fashion magazine or similar creative field, you need a signature look that’s polished but memorable. That’s where a bright or vampy lipstick comes in. Keep your eye make-up as simple as possible, contour your cheekbones, and swipe a vivid red or mysterious purple shade on your lips. You’ll look sophisticated, and more than capable of handling whatever the job will throw at you. And that’s exactly what your employer needs.

#3 Cut that crease!

If you’re after a makeup artist position at a MAC (or some other cool brand’s) counter, you need to show off your skills from the very beginning. What better way than a “cut the crease” look? Simply “cut” the crease of the eye with a sharp line of intense color. Or, if you want something less striking, but still creative, wear a bold combination of eye-shadows, such as yellow and pink, or white and black. That’ll show the boss how good your blending skills are. But make sure that the colours you choose don’t clash with each other! You want to be remembered for all the right reasons!

Photo: Sylvie Meis

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