3 Money Secrets Most People Don’t Know



They say that money is a mindset, and making it is all about the choices you make, but so many of us struggle to make ends meet and live paycheck to paycheck. If you want to be better with money, check out these 3 money secrets most people don’t know!

#1 Invest to save money

For years, I never bought a thermos to carry coffee or tea with me to work because I felt like they were too expensive, so I would actually spend more money buying coffee every day. It’s a simple example, but it illustrates well why sometimes you have to invest now in order to save money later. Whether you invest in purchases that will save money, or in stocks with the goal of increasing it, investments really will save you money.

#2 Plan, plan, plan!

If you calculate how much you will be spending at upcoming events you will be able to spread your paycheck through the month, and if you aim to save a portion of that each month you’ll have enough money to travel at the end of the year. Within the first few years of paying work, people just live paycheck to paycheck, but just dedicating 10 minutes to your money will help you live more fruitfully!

#3 Get smart about your statements.

It might seem like a simple one, but so many of us just don’t bother. For me, this is the one thing I have learned over the past year. I had more or less no idea what I was spending my money on, but even though it worked out quite well for me, I felt bad for not knowing where my money was going.

Trying to write down every single expense might be too exhausting, but try to at least keep an eye on where the money is going and then you can see areas of improvement! Plus, you can keep track of how much you have for those spur of the moment splurges!




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  • Camille Beygui

    Such a great post

  • Majean G

    Great tips especially invest to save because it makes a huge difference! Looking at your statements is something that lots of people don’t do and I don’t understand why!


  • Erika

    Great tips for saving money! Thanks!

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Great tips! I am a fan of your posts CGD! :)


  • Brittney Mathurin

    Definitely needed those tips! Thank You!


  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Investing is the best way to save, I have been doing this for years and have started already for my son…you get the best yield of return in comparison to an ISA! x

  • Lauren Massarella

    I so needed these reminders. Simple, yet very effective. Right on! Thanks! xo

  • Ashley Markowicz

    These were great. I’ve been looking into financial planning for noobs (like me!) and I’m starting to really open my eyes to the value of planning. Thanks for these! ❤️

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