3 Perfect Series To Watch On Your Lazy Sunday

We love lazy Sundays, and with most of our series back with a new season, our Sundays have become even better!

Emilia Slivo
With busy weeks, it is almost impossible to catch up on our favorite series, so that is what our weekends are for. In case you didn’t start on any of the series below, you’ve got your next couple of weekends covered.

Here are our 3 favorite continuing series that just came out with a new exciting season:



SEASON 3 IS HERE! I have to be honest, I watched the whole season yesterday, and can’t wait for the next one!

Orange is the new black is one of Netflix’s most popular series and based on a real life story from a woman who spent 13 months in a minimum security prison. You get to discover the story lines of all characters in the series, which I find the most interesting part of the whole series, but you also get to see their daily struggles and in a way what is really going on behind bars.

Most people decide after the first episode that it is not their thing, but keep watching because it is definitely a series worth watching.



We all want to know who ‘A’ is and they promised us, this will be the season of answers.

If you never have watched ‘Pretty Little Liars’, it is drama series that at first is all about the ‘missing’ Alison DiLaurentis. Her 4 friends start receiving messages from a person called ‘A’, who is making their lives into a living hell. The girls go through a lot, but up until now, are still not sure who ‘A’ is.

There are a lot of theories who this person could be, and we are finally getting closer and closer. I was 20 when this show started and am now 24, so if you have a lot of patience, this is definitely a series worth watching!

#3 – DEVIOUS MAIDSDevious-Maids

This series is a comedy-drama that takes you into the lives of 4 Latina maids who work for rich people in Beverly Hills. In season 1, it all starts with the murder of one maid, Flora, who was the maid of the Powell family. Marisol Suarez then is introduced in the series as the newest maid in the area. It is her son who is accused of the murder, but little does everyone know that Marisol is not a maid in real life, but a respected professor who tries to save her son.

The characters in this show are funny and will steal your heart. It is a bit more comedy than drama, so the perfect series to lighten op your Sunday afternoon!

What is your favorite series? Share it with us and don’t forget to follow us on Bloglovin!

Featured image: Devious Maids

  1. I would say Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, Hannibal and Vikings, but I’m not sure if there is anyone here who would agree with me…

  2. I don’t watch much TV at all, but I am addicted to:

    1. Jane the Virgin
    2. The Goldbergs
    3. Shark Tank

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