3 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Have An Office Crush

The best thing about being a career girl is that we think too big and work too hard to let anything come in between us and our dreams. We are smart enough to know that every decision has a consequence and knowing what’s good for us can require exercising a bit of discipline and tough love.

This is where having level-headed girlfriends in place to snap us out of it really comes in handy. It means having the emotional intelligence to know the difference between an office crush worth pursuing or one that could lead to impending doom and an ultimate career suicide.

I have always believed that it is better to wait and save a little more to purchase a high quality product than to flake out on something cheap and unreliable. See what I did there? I totally just used an analogy on the whole office crush scenario to present a few main questions that I hope will help you find clarity as you figure things out.

What do you like about him?

The best kind of relationships stem from amazing friendships and the best kind of friendships stem from getting to know a person. What do you like about the guy other than his stunning good looks? The only way to find out is to have friendly conversations at work over time and go from there. To avoid the biggest work faux pas, try to keep it friendly; keep other colleagues around and try not to move too fast. You’ll need to see past the spontaneous, exciting appeal and picture how potentially awkward the whole situation could get if it goes south. Tread with caution.

Is he looking to date or mate you?

Okay, so you’ve established a connection and he’s asked you out on a date. A great sign that he’s genuinely interested in getting to know you more. A good move is to take it far, far away from the office. It all goes well and you’re in that funny grey zone where you’re not anything official and you’re a little more than friends. Even though you’re feeling things out, you’re probably better off keeping it quiet until you know where you stand with each other. Everyone knows gossip at work is like pouring gasoline on the fire and it’ll burn fierce if the whole thing should fall apart.

Is he the respectable type of guy who cares about your career?

Yes, he’s charming and he proves chivalry is not dead but no he’s not willing to compromise your standards as the self-respecting career girl that you are. Above all else, he’s probably worth pursuing if he understands these three words you ought to live by for the workplace. Keep it professional. Remember that the workplace is no playground for irresponsible flings, if you set the boundaries you’ll never have to worry about if it doesn’t work out. Separating your work life and your personal life should give you a really good idea of what he is seeing in you and what you see in him too without having to compromise your harmonious work space. Nothing but respect if you can nail this rule down career girls, all power to you.


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