3 Steps To Boost Your Productivity When You’re Working From Home


Wondering how to boost your productivity when you’re working from home? Turn being busy into productive and start taking back your day! Working from home can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is nice to make lunch from your own kitchen but actually logging out at 6 pm can be a challenge sometimes.

Sound familiar? 

In the Career Girl Daily ”office” (as we are still working from home) we discussed the best tips to make your working from home days as productive as possible and we gathered the top 3 tips for you to take back your day and make the most of your work day!

 1. Take inventory

If you’ve never taken an inventory of your time and where it’s going, that’s the first place to start.

For the next 2-3 days, note every minute of what you’re doing – Zoom meetings, phone calls, meals, even bathroom breaks, and random conversations. Logging your activity for a baseline can help you determine where your time is being wasted – and help you fix it. You can use a desk pad to make this super easy, grab a desk pad like the Getting Stuff Done desk pad, and make a note of everything you’re doing and where your time gets spent.


 2. Identify your focus

The Project Book will help you finally get a handle on your day. Use the Project Section to divide your day into clear projects you need to work on and combine it with the timed to-do list to break it down even further into time slots and stay on track. 


Getting Stuff Done Desk Pad


The Project Book


Stress Less Journal


3. Know when to ask for help

Your goal is to focus on only the activities that you love, do well, AND are the best use of your time. It’s important to consider that while you may love what you have to do and do it really well, there might be someone else who can do it better, faster or cheaper…and allow you to tackle another higher income-producing aspect of your business. If you need to balance a busy day, use the Stress Less journal to help you work through and process feelings of overwhelm.

What’s your biggest challenge right now? The one thing that keeps you up at night that you dream of fixing? Maybe it’s your inbox gone wild, the website updates you need to make, that Blog post you want to write. Work through it all in the Stress Less journal and you’ll feel a lot better.

By Tamara Smith


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