Successful Women Share How They Deal With Stress


No matter what your position is, there will always be stressful situations at work. Whether you’re the CEO and founder or finding your feet in your first week, things can happen that raise our stress levels and mess with our ability to work.

Dealing with stress is a talent in itself, so we decided to ask some successful women what they do when things get a little crazy . . .



Find someone to talk to 
Connie Nam is the CEO & founder of the cool jewelry brand Astrid & Miyu, what helps her is to take time out to talk about her issues. She told us that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business and that doing yoga really helps to de-stress and distract yourself from weekend emails. 

“Talking about issues with my husband at the end of the day helps me detach myself emotionally and focus on the issues at hand which helps me destress. I’m very lucky that my husband is a good listener and sounding board. Otherwise, meeting friends and having a good laugh or taking a warm bath are also helpful.”




Stop working out so hard!
Alice Mackintosh is one of the founders of Equi, the supplement brand that our whole office is hooked on in the mornings right now. As an experienced Harley Street nutritionist, she sees people with all kinds of issues, including those suffering with stress. I asked her what she’s noticed about women who struggle with stress.

“I speak to a lot of people about their health in depth both in the clinic and elsewhere and find that women in their twenties and early thirties that work hard and have full on lifestyles are particularly prone to anxiety.

There are so many things to be thinking about – from relationship worries to money troubles, career issues and ‘where is my life going’ thoughts. We have a huge amount of things to think about and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be achieving more all the time. It’s exhausting, and over time is begins to take its toll, and the symptoms of stress are a really common side effect.

Starting a business is no exception – there are so many things to think about! We’ve done our best to include restorative vitamins and minerals, balancing herbs and mind supporting botanicals in our products to ensure that Equi supplements really do make a difference and give you a much needed nutritional leg up. Meditation, mindfulness, taking a break, breathing, all those things will help too.

But also bear in mind that you’ve often also got to do a gentler form of exercise as well – working out hardcore at six in the morning every morning in an effort to stay fit and slim puts a lot of strain in the body – It’s not good for us to overdo it and can stress us out more. Sometimes, that extra hour in bed is much more beneficial.”


Have you got any strategies to deal with stress?

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  • Anika May

    So inspirational! Lovely post.

    Anika |

  • Charmaine Ng

    I’m very lucky my parents and friends are great listeners too. Can’t imagine what it would be like without being able to spill my thoughts on them from time to time!
    – Charmaine

  • Lauren

    Such great advice, thanks for much for this! Needed to hear it x