3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Ever Taking A Loan

Saving money is hard! We know! Most of us already have student debt, or other things going on and could never get enough money together to get the things we need, and that’s often where a loan comes in.

We know Career Girls who have taken loans out with the bank for everything from degrees to cars, so here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering it.

1) Be sure that you really need a loan!
You may want a new car, but you may not need it. You may want a new house, but you may not need it. Sure, there are situations in life when it’s absolutely okay to take a loan for a house or a car, but there are also situations when it’s better to think twice. If you have to stay with your parents for an extra year – do it.

2) Calculate, calculate, calculate!
In the end, a loan is all about mathematics, so here is the one question you should definitely answer before taking the step: When will I be able to repay the loan? And, perhaps more importantly: Is it a problem for me to live with a loan for such a long time?

3) Understand your loan!
There are many different loans depending on what you need it for. Don’t sign the paper without knowing what you’re getting yourself into, collect as much information possible about the loan you’re deciding on and stay away from money lending services with super inflated interest rates!

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