3 Things You Need To Learn If You Want To Start A Successful Business



Ever wondered how successful women manage to run a business, write books, win awards, give masterclasses and talks and still find time for themselves?

Hollie Grant started her own super successful business and manages to find time to do other things too. Not only is she the founder of The Model Method and Pilates PT in London, she’s the personal trainer of stars like Deliciously Ella, and has won awards for her genius training techniques.

It’s safe to say she is a busy woman! Luckily we’ve managed to get her to take a little break from her busy life to give a talk at our Career Girl Academy on the 29th January to tell you all about her journey to success and how to build a business of your own.

Curious to know what else you’ll learn?

How to develop a business from one small idea

Hollie started out as a PT, then developed her popular fitness program The Model Method and founded her own gym studio. It all started with an idea that she developed into a successful business. She’ll be sharing how you can take a small idea and turn it into a genius business, and the struggles you’ll encounter on the way. All you need to do is have faith in your ideas and follow the steps Hollie took in her journey.

How to juggle your career with your personal life

Hollie is also the brand ambassador for brands like Sweaty Betty, but she still finds time to eat healthily, spend time with friends and take Instagram snaps of her dog. So how does she do it? Hollie will share how she manages her time, how running a business changed the way she structures her days and the most effective way to plan so you can actually have some me-time.

How to become the most productive person you know

Do you struggle to be as productive as you’d like to be? Luckily, Hollie is here to help. With her busy lifestyle, there is no such thing as a lack of motivation. So she’ll teach you how to stay on top of all your tasks, the tips, tricks, and techniques she swears by to actually be productive and how to finally get shit done!

If you’re ready to start a business and train your brain for success, tickets are almost sold out so act fast!