3 Simple Tips For The Perfect Cover Letter

You just graduated and ready to finally find and start your first ‘real’ job. The list with vacancies on reed.com are endless, but unfortunately so are the applications. Making your cover letter stand out can be hard when you see that there are over a 100 applicants, but unfortunately, it is necessary if you want to make it through the first cut.

In my own search for the ‘first real’ job, I got a lot of advice from professionals about how they select the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’. So just to make your job-hunting life a little bit easier, here are some key tips you can use to make your letter stand out and hopefully land your first job!

1. Do not apply unless you know the name of the person you are writing to

Don’t know anyone in the company? Call! Tell them you are really interested in the position and would like to apply but do not know the name of the person you should address it too. Not only will it make your letter more personal, they will also expect and look out for your letter.

2. Make the letter short, honest, personal, concise and of course without and spelling- and grammar mistakes

Let different people check you letter. Companies often get letters where the company name is spelled wrong or silly mistakes like ‘where’ and ‘were’.

Write in a way that reflects your personality. They do not know you, but would like to know what kind of person you are and the only chance you have to show that to them is through this letter.

Keep it short and concise, no one has time to read 3 pages so they will not even start on your letter.

3. Make sure you include the following information:

Which vacancy you are applying for;

Why you would be suitable for this job;

Why you would love to work for the company;

Refer back to the qualifications they asked for in the vacancy;

Tell them you have enclosed you CV and look forward to meeting them in person.



Do you have any other key points for writing the perfect cover letter? Let us know!

  • Anna

    Nice post! Every time I start writing an application I feel totally lost. Great tip about calling first! Personal contact really makes your application stand out.

    • Lois

      Thanks! I know that feeling, just hang in there! Calling will definitely help, thats how I landed my first real job! x

  • Hannah

    These are some inspiring tips, I’ll definitely be calling ahead the next time I have to write a cover letter, as sill as it sounds now I never thought about that!

    Hannah xx


    • Lois

      Thanks and good luck! xx

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  • laura

    Great tips, thank you! I would say though that its best to follow your own advice. It is quite a funny thing to read a spelling mistake in your first tip “writing to” not “writing too”, when your second tip against spelling errors. I guess you were burning the midnight oil whilst writing this. :)