3 Tips On How To Declutter Your Busy Life Schedule

Career Girls have busy lives and sometimes we just want to sit down, relax and do or think absolutely nothing! Excessive clutter is often the cause of stress and having a well organised and clutter free life is not only better for your personal life, it also has its positive effects on your professional life.

Alexa Dagmar

Decluttering is always difficult when you don’t know where to start. Therefore, we give you 3 tips on how to get rid of all that clutter and start enjoying a less stressful life.

#1 – Reconsider your routines

A lot of us do not have daily or weekly routines in our lives but just do the things as they come along. A structure is needed in everyone’s life, and therefore bringing in some routines in your life will not only make it less stressful, it also increases your productivity. Make a planning at the beginning of each week or month to bring structure into your life, and experience the peace it will bring and how much more time you will have left.

#2 – Reduce your commitments

If you take a look at the commitments in each area in your life, it will give you a great overview. Look at the value of all these aspects and if the time you spend on it is really necessary and worth it. Does it bring joy and value to your life? Eliminate the things that don’t bring this to your life and learn how to say no, this will give you more time to do the things your love.

#3 – Live in the moment

Enjoy everything you are doing now, and if you want to do that to the fullest, live in the moment and not in the future. Dive in your experiences completely, let the past the past and let the future take care of itself.

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  • Lauren

    I’ve found that I need to try and add in more structure and have a visual focus so that I know what I need to actually complete – I feel much better!

    Lauren x
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