3 VALUABLE Career Lessons From The 100 Most Powerful And Successful Women

At the CGD HQ, we love to read inspiring stories of power women, learn from their experiences and discuss how we can apply their advice to our everyday journey to success. We love it even more when we have the top 3 advice that the 100 most powerful and successful women gave to Forbes gathered together.


So for this beautiful Wednesday morning, we would like to pass our passion onto you. Enjoy these 3 valuable career lessons from the 100 most powerful and successful women in this world:

#1 – There is no timetable for success

You can be a child that becomes a young star or Hillary Clinton that decides that she will become the first female president of the United States, success does not have a timetable nor is it exclusively for a certain age category. So you are never too old or too young to leave your job for what it is and follow your dreams or to learn a new skill, success is there for everyone who is willing to work for it.

#2 – You have to put yourself out there

No one is going to do it for you, so you might as well get up and get yourself out there sooner rather than later. Draw attention to you and your accomplishments. A lot of women in this top 100 have put themselves out there and brought the attention to their accomplishments in order to get the job or change they wanted.

It is never too late or too early to make an impact, so go for it and focus on what you can do within your situation, instead of waiting for your circumstances to be ‘ready’ until you put yourself out there.

#3 – Your own personal efforts affect external conditions

There is a wide range of industries, countries, positions and opportunities, so there is always a possibility for you to make an impact one way or another. When things are not going your way, you can blame everyone and everything, but if you really want to grow, start by looking at and evaluating yourself. Stop blaming external factors or think external conditions are keeping you away from your success. The only one who can keep you away from it is you and no one else.

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Credit: Forbes

  • http://somebodyfromsomewhere.blogspot.com Somebody from Somewhere

    This is a great post!


  • http://www.brittonloves.co.uk Lauren

    I agree so much with the first two points, you have to put yourself out there, working organically to grow!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • http://mymakeuptrip.blogspot.com.tr Damla

    These 3 lessons are really important, but the most important thing is take action.

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