How To Be Happy Every Single Day

photo: Flora


We all deserve a dose of happiness once in a while, whether it’s in the form of a compliment or a treat like that beachwear you’ve been eyeing for some time.

While there are many things that we can’t control, our happiness is definitely something we can. It all comes down to the choices we make on a daily basis. Happiness is a state of mind and a choice. Next time you’re feeling stressed, sad and overwhelmed, consider these three keys to chasing happiness every single day:

1. Write down your gratitude list

Before heading to bed or beginning your day, list three things that you’re thankful for. This is the first step to happiness, trust me. Grab a journal and go, go, go! This simple exercise of writing down the things we are thankful for trains our mind to look for the positive things in life. Besides that, learning to be grateful teaches us to stop comparing our life with others because we are fully focused on the things we have and not complaining about what we don’t have.

2. Make time for other people

Spending time with your loved ones really helps if you’re feeling a bit down. It could be something simple like dinner with your girlfriends or a phone call with your mom. Taking the time to be with the people you love relieves stress and increases your well-being, the sciencey bit says it’s thanks to the oxytocin hormone that’s released when we spend time with the people we love. But we just think it’s nice to hang out sometimes. Having a good support system makes us happier because we know that we can rely on the ones who love us and the knowledge that we’re not alone.

3. Do something for yourself every day

Start simple. Draw a bath, light some candles and lose yourself in a good book. Or it could be a mini shopping spree or cooking your favorite dish. When you acknowledge the hard work that you put into your work and relationships on a daily basis, you’ll definitely be happier. I find that the simple act of lighting candles and stretching out on my yoga at the end of the day makes me feel sooo much better.

If you do these three things every day, you’ll already start to feel happier every morning.


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