3 Ways To Improve Your Life Even When You Are Lazy

Lazy. Lazy is an adjective that doesn’t define you. Maybe people call you lazy because they don’t know what you are secretly working on. Or even if you are really lazy you don’t have to stay lazy. You can always improve from your current situation no matter what it is. So today we’re giving you three examples on how to improve your life even if you are really lazy!

#1 – Mornings

The first way is to wake up earlier. Especially when you are feeling lazy and need a lot of time to get things done it’s better to have more time in a day. Obviously you can’t wake up at 7 am all of a sudden when you are used to setting your alarm for 9am. But you can slowly wake up earlier by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier everyday until you reach your desired time. After a while you actually start to enjoy waking up earlier, because you will have time to have sit down breakfast, check your social media and most important – you can enjoy you morning coffee.

This is especially important for entrepreneurs. You will be surprised how much more you will get done in a day when you just take an extra hour every morning before your day job to work on your business.

#2 – Thankful journal

This is such an easy way to improve your life. Just write down three things that you are thankful for everyday. You can just write it on a post it note, sheet of paper or get one of these really cute Thankful journals. I got mine at KikiK and keep it on my night stand and write in there every night before I go to bed. You will be surprised how much impact this little routine will have on your mentality. My personal experience is that I sleep way better at night after I write in my journal. I think that’s because I think about what I’ve just written down when I fall asleep and that really makes me appreciate what I have. That way I don’t worry through my sleep and wake up way more relaxed in the morning. Also you don’t have to write super deep things down every day, sometimes I just write down the small things I appreciated that day. What I find quite a lot while flipping through my last pages is the sentence “Today I am thankful for my nails, the make me so happy whenever I look at them”. Even those little things are really important to write down just to make sure you really appreciate everything you have. (And seriously these new nails I’ve been getting lately – gosh they are amazing!)

#3 – Organisation day

This will actually act in favour of your laziness. Just take one day and write down all the little things that really annoy you, then Google Life hacks to solve them. For example paint the top of your keys in different nail polish colours, that way you’ll never spend five minutes in front of a door trying to find the right key. Or paint all your cheap jewellery with clear nail polish, you’ll never be bothered by these freaking annoying green stains on your skin! Genius!

  • Blondes & Bagels

    The tip about waking up early is so on point – I feel so much more productive when I take that extra hour at the beginning of my day to really enjoy my breakfast while getting some work done!

  • Andres Poiche

    Thank you for your advices :D

  • Maja

    All of these tip are awesome! But that thankfull journal is truly a great idea! You should never forget what you are thankfull for and you will always feel hapiness in your heart for it.
    x M.


    I have almoust exacly same ginger cat, and loved that movie


  • Candy Makeup Girl

    I hate morning so bad! I think this post is really helpful so thanks for writing it :)

    Check out my blog: candymakeupgirl.blogspot.com
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  • Hannah Morgan

    Great tips! I need to start a thankful journal asap!x

  • Lovely Tips! :-)

    Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  • Kaitlyn

    I am trying desperately to train myself to wake up early and accomplish things before work. It’s difficult for someone who loves to hit snooze!
    – Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

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