3 Ways To Successfully Make The Leap From Full-Time To Freelance

For many who are working in the creative field, especially for those who are writing or blogging, making the leap to freelancing is huge. Everybody wants to be in control of their own hours, working from home and having time to do their own projects, so here are three ways you can do it.

1. Don’t rely on one source only.

Especially when you are freelancing and your source of income isn’t as secure as when you’re employed full-time, it’s important to find multiple sources of income. While it may seem easier for you to rely on the source which you enjoy working on the most, try to to keep in mind that you will need more than that.

2. Be flexible while also finding your own style.

In order to not only rely on one source, be flexible and be open for new tasks. Try new things and try to adapt. At the same time, also try to find your own voice in order to be different than everyone else out there. Freelancers are always working on projects for brands and businesses and so mostly have to adhere to their rules or style, but it’s important to have your own flair and use it to stand out.

3. Know how to take advantage of your freedom.

When you’re freelancing, you may have many clients who you need to satisfy, but also you are your own boss. Use your new freedom to find out how you’re the most productive and how you enjoy working, and put steps into place to ensure that you’re organised and ready to work! One of the main drawbacks of freelancing is that you are the master of your own time, so as tempting as it is to lie in bed for hours, it’s important that you get up and work on the projects you have.

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