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3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Day 

0615440d8e7183ba5004b6d8127ce9e9We’ve all had those mornings. The one’s where you have nothing to wear, don’t have time to eat breakfast and your entire commute is spent stressing about being late. You just started your day frustrated, frantic and frazzled. Taking a few minutes at night to prepare for the next day is an easy way to cut this stress from your morning.

Not only will you be more prepared for your day, but you will free up your mind to focus and have a successful day where you are happy, confident and energized.

#1 Wardrobe Check

Wearing a fantastic outfit is a huge confidence booster and can affect how you feel and interact with others at work. In order to ensure you feel your best after getting dressed, choose an outfit the night before and make sure it is clean, ironed and that any necessary accouterments are available. There is nothing worse than rushing to get ready for work and wasting time searching for the undergarment you need for a particular outfit only to find it at the bottom of your laundry basket.  Check out our wardrobe essentials article for some tips.

#2 Food Prep

Feeding yourself properly plays a huge role in how your day will go. Starting your day with a good breakfast, not just an Instagram-worthy matcha latte, and following it with a healthy lunch will keep you focused, elevate your mood and boost your energy. To save time in the morning and ensure that your healthy breakfast and lunch will actually be made, prep as much of it as you can the night before. If you like smoothies for breakfast, fill up your blender with everything but the liquid ingredients. If oatmeal is your breakfast of choice, try a delicious overnight oats recipe. The same goes for lunch, pack it up the night before if possible. Not only will packing a lunch help your wallet, but you will eat healthier too. If your fruits and vegetables are washed, cut and packed you are much more likely to eat those as a snack instead of whatever is in the office vending machine. By eating well, you can avoid the processed sugar and caffeine cravings that will inevitably lead to an energy crash halfway through the day.

#3 Purse Purge

What’s the one thing you can never find in the morning or simply forget to bring with you? Keys? Reusable water bottle? Phone charger? Make sure all of your necessities are in your purse before you go to bed. Better yet, clean out all of the change, receipts and trash that accumulated throughout the day. Rummaging through a cluttered purse in the morning looking for your lipstick or I.D card is frustrating. Its even more frustrating when you realize you have been searching for something that you left at home. Small irritants like this can affect your mood for the rest of the day, but taking a little time to get organized can help you avoid them.  If you need to treat yourself to a new office-proof bag, take a look at our picks here.

What are your tips for setting yourself up for a successful day? Share with us in the comments!


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Written by Jacqueline DeMarco, Photo: ProseccoandPlaid


  1. Bethany Austin says

    Everything in this post is so so true! I just need to make sure I actually do them haha – especially the food prep.

    Bethany ( x

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  3. Ebony says

    You guys are so realistic and relatable.
    With the epileptic power supply in my country, I try to pick out clothes for the week at some point during the weekend, usually Sunday evening and have them all ironed. I’m not always successful at this but when I am, my mornings go reallllly smooth and it affects how I flow with the rest of the day.
    With love from Nigeria

  4. Carina says

    Omg i definitely need to do a purse purge!! These are such simple tips that people over look but they really do help in setting the tone right for a day :)

    x Carina
    Running White Horses | Travel + Fashion blog || YouTube

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