3 Easy & Stylish Ways To Wear The Must Have Jeans This Season

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The mom jeans are definitely making a fashion comeback! Straight out of the ’90s, Mom jeans are here to stay. Here are our favorite three ways to style your new wardrobe staple!

#1 Tuck it In

For a simple and stylish look, wear your mom jeans with a simple, tucked-in top.

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#2 Style it With a Chic Sweater

Pair your mom jeans with a chic sweater or cardigan. This look is perfect for days when you want to look effortlessly chic. french-girl Stockholm Streetstyle

#3 Wear It To Work

Wear your mom jeans with a classy or button-down blouse.

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  • http://carmitive.com carmen

    Love these jeans theiy’re so cosy and stylish:) I’ll defintively try these looks:) xx carmen

  • http://carmitive.com carmen

    Love these jeans and they’re super comfy and stylish! I’ll defintively go for these looks :) xx carmen

  • http://wanderinginthewonderful.blogspot.com Wandering Wonderful

    Mom jeans flatter no one. We really just need to say no to the mom jeans. Some statements do not need to come back.

    • Aunty Emm

      I think that goes for pedal pushers too

    • http://Hereaftermusical.com Frankie

      Thank you. Acid washed jeans should also be banned…mock turtlenecks…oh the list goes on & on

  • http://alittlelilly.blogspot.com Lilly Perkins

    Some really cute looks! Lilly xx alittlelilly.blogspot.com

  • http://srfashionart.com saranda

    ohh I love Mon Jeans, just received yesterday another one.
    Topshop and Asos.com have some nice ones :)


  • Sena Havasy

    Mom jeans are an insult to moms and a scruffy look.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m going to assume if I wore them the first time around (and I did!) I am exempt this time.

  • http://Www.mummylion.co.uk Catherine

    I am glad I’m not the only one thinking the same as the comments above. Im not so sure they would look good on anyone who is not tall, thin and not yet in their twenties.

    • Sandy

      My sentiments exactly!

  • Amy


  • http://fitforaqueen.wordpress.com mrsmole

    Mom jeans do not look good on anyone…they say, :”I don’t care, I have given up”. The ONLY good thing about this trend is the waistband has traveled back to the waist and all the re-cyclers can find these jeans in thrift/charity shops the world over.

  • Sarah

    Just because some people wear them does not mean they are stylish, flattering or even slightly a good idea.

  • Dawn

    Sorry, mom jeans are awful. I am short-waisted…just a disaster on me. If you are not tall and extremely thin, they do not flatter!!

    • Joyce Love

      I agree, Dawn! I always wondered why, even though I was slim & fit, I always looked dumpy in my clothes. Well, duh – finally figured out high waists are not for my short waisted self!

  • http://christyandthecity.com Christy Jaldori

    Oh i hope to find them in Greece!
    I want them so bad maybe a pair of Levi’s?

    • Staci

      You can find lots at Goodwill. I don’t. Think Greece has Goodwills.

  • Rebecca Hively

    I agree, I am tall and relatively slim but at 62, I have NO desire to wear them. If one looks at the models, they are much younger (and much thinner) than most of us who wore them in our day.

  • Linda

    I am 62, and even I don’t wear them.

  • Judy Adair

    Not a good look, even on these gorgeous models. They make the hips and but look long and flat. Just say NO.

  • Lorie

    I was there for the mom jeans…… They weren’t nice then and they aren’t nice now. They are not a flattering style on anyone.

  • http://www.blog.graciousstore.com Gracious Store

    I sure do like the look, this mom jeans look great

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  • http://christyandthecity.com Christy Jaldori


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