30 Beautiful Beach Accessories For Every Budget

We know we’re nearing the end of the month but payday still feels ever so far away, so at CGD HQ we’ve decided to hunt you down the best beachwear bargains! Hats off to us! And if theres anything we’ve learned from the images coming out of #Coachella’s #DesertHouse poolside-pics, it’s that a bikini paired with layer upon layer of jewellery looks HOT. Just watch those tan lines!

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Credit: Capturevibes



Beach style’s we are loving: Big bags, yellow shades, oversized hats, friendship bracelets, bangles, bangles and more bangles!

30 Beautiful Beach Accessories For Every Budget

Remember to usesun screen with a minimum SPF 15 to protect your skin!


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Featured Photo:Fashion Blogger Negin Mirsalehi