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30 Day Challenge: Day 6 Update + Workout Tips!

It is day 6 and my favorite day of the week! I am still really excited about this challenge and I have to say, the food schedule has some good recipes. Week 1 is almost done and I am already feeling more healthy and energetic. How is everything going with you guys? Still going strong? Let us know on Facebook or below in a comment. :)

My day so far:

My Meals

Brunch 11 PM:

This morning I had a lay in so my breakfast became brunch. I made my favorite weekend breakfast, scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, and salmon.

Snack 3 PM:

Yogurt with strawberries


Dinner 7.00 PM:
It is one of those hot days where I don’t feel like having a proper hot meal for dinner. I decided to make a big bowl of pineapple, mango and watermelon for my dinner, and it was the best decision of my day.

Snack 9 PM:

I felt like having another snack for the night and went for my favorite Nakd bars.


My Workout

Today’s workout was intense! I decided not to go to the gym but to do my workout in the garden instead. The weather is so good today, that it would be a shame to miss out on it. I ended my workout with yoga and a cold bath because this could prevent the muscles from soreness. Before I go to bed I will do a 15-minute meditation to prepare my brain and body for bed after an active day.



Eat walnuts every day!

Walnuts have so many health benefits that I don’t even know where to start. First of all it helps fight stress, it makes your skin glow, it is great for your hair, prevents diabetes and heart disease, helps you to lose weight, and these are just a couple of the benefits that this wonderful nut does for our body.


20 min. run


– Warm up with a 3-minute jog
– Then alternate between 1 minute of all-out sprinting and 2 minutes easy jogging
– Repeat so you complete this set 4 times in all
– Cool down by jogging another 5 minutes


– Simply head out the door and jog for 20 minutes
– Go at a pace slower than normal and focus on de-stressing
– It’s OK to go slow sometimes

Enjoy your Saturday evening girls and see you tomorrow!

xx the CGD team

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  1. lokda says

    Excellent workout tips especially when it goes with simple and easy method!

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