30 Day Challenge
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30 Day Challenge Update + Yoga Workout

DSC_0044As many of you know, this week our team has started the 30-day #careergirlchallenge. Every day one member of our team shares her personal experience, a health tip and more information about the CGD workouts!

We put together a weekly workout schedule. They are posted every Sunday for FREE . We design these schedules so that you’ll receive the best results.

Celina’s Diary


Woke up earlier than I normally do and had my lemon water. Oh the soreness on my tummy is setting in! It hurts when I’m laughing and sneezing so don’t make me laugh. I did some meditation and I was super pleased I was able to finish today’s burpees! I was working out on a nice playlist I’ve found on Spotify!

Frankly I have been under immense stress lately since I’m busy setting up my own business, but working out has helped me a lot.  It helps me to distract and focus on the present. Overall it’s a great stress reliever(perfect for Career Girls).

I love how this challenge makes me feel. I feel more energetic in the morning and my skin looks better already! I’ve decided to cut back on processed food altogether.  I try to eat more veggies for lunch and dinner and I love scrambled eggs or a green smoothie for breakfast!

Overall today was a great day! I’ll make sure to upload some photos of my meals next time.

Can’t wait where this journey takes me next!





Processed foods are like putting bad gas in your car! Most people do not realize that “live food” (unprocessed) has important vitamins and enzymes that are destroyed in their processing. The result is the consumption of empty calories with additives, many of which have a long “rap sheet” of adverse effects on the body. With the debate on the spiraling costs of healthcare (or “disease-care”), it’s time we start treating the cause instead of the symptoms.



DAY 4 – Rest Day

Today it’s time for a rest. Try this relaxing Yoga workout!

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