30 Day Challenge
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30-day Fitness #Careergirlchallenge UPDATE 1 + Meal Plan!

DSC_0044Join thousands of career girls for the next 30 days for the most inspiring and motivating fitness and health challenge of this summer. Get ready to discover a side of you that you never knew existed, a strength deep inside you that is ready to drive you to your dreams and goals!

The 30 Day #Careergirlchallenge

We want you to feel so empowered, energized, confident, motivated and beautiful, that NOTHING will stop you. This is going to be an intense 30 days… you’re going to love your new lifestyle. There are going to be times that you don’t want to finish what you started, but remember why you started! Thousands of girls in the Career Girl Daily Community will have your back. We will motivate you and lift you up. We all have our days, so remember that! We are a Career Girl Daily Team! Together Everyone Achieves MORE!


We’ll be posting daily challenges and motivation on Career Girl Daily, Instagram, Facebook and on Twitter. Make sure you’re signed up for the Career Girl Daily Newsletter too!!

We’re uploading our workout schedule tomorrow and we want you to workout every day, YES, every day! Your ‘rest days’ will be a walk, yoga class or meditation! This way it’s still part of your routine and it becomes a habit.

To get you girls, in the mood already. We are sharing our Meal Plan for the first week. The Career Girls are following this plan for 30 days and will update you on their progress. You can join them or pick out some recipes you like and mix and match it with your own preferences. Just try to keep it healthy for 30 days :)


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  1. Ayesha says

    Can you please include a meal plan for vegetarians as well. It would be really helpful.

  2. Richa says

    I would love to do this!! I am a Vegetarian, can we a have a Veg Meal Plan?? Please??

  3. Lovely Sharice says

    I think I can do it.
    I can do it.
    I WILL DO IT!!!!


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  7. I just discovered this page today and want to know if I can start the 30 daychallenge anytime, or if I’m too late?
    Thank you!

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