10 Essential Steps For The Best Pamper Night In

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If there is one thing, I know how to do well that is how to relax. This post may make more sense for a Friday night. But, really, when do we all need pampering the most? After a shitty Monday. The kind of Monday that just rains on your parade, when work has completely defeated you or your body throws you a curve ball with an early period or you’ve had the sort of day where you feel like weeping all the way home. This post is for that day. Trust me, you’ll feel like you again with this step-by-step guide to an amazing pamper night in!


First things first, hair up, bra off and get the sweats on. Who cares that you look like a mess because nothing says relaxation like sweats and a dressing gown.


Set the mood by blasting out the music. You need something that will both make you cry, because we are ridding ourselves of negativity, and make you feel empowered. Taylor Swift’s ‘Begin Again’ is a personal fave or maybe some vintage Mariah. Choose whatever makes you feel emotional but motivated.



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Candles and lots of them. Aromatherapy is real – read this article to find out more.


Make yourself a peppermint tea. Nothing is as soothing as a peppermint tea, or a green tea, or an extremely chocolatey hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream. Can tea make you a happier person?


Bring the music, bring the candles and run yourself a bath. To make it even better, you could throw in a bath bomb or try these steps for a relaxing bath. While you’re in the bath, give your hair a deep condition and don’t forget to exfoliate – to get rid of the dead skin, pump up the circulation and give yourself baby-soft legs.


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When you’re out of the bath, it’s time to give your face a thorough cleanse to remove all the crap that’s built up during the day. To really get into those pores, you could apply a facemask – read this article to find out about the best unclogging products on the market. This is your chance to really rejuvenate your skin, with these night-time essentials.


If you have shaved while in the bath or used a body scrub, it is important to give moisture back into your skin. So apply layers of your favorite moisturizer to avoid any annoying razor rashes and get back into your cosy clothes for deep moisturization.


Netflix and nails. Doesn’t need more explaining really. Choose your current go-to shade and favorite series, to feel and look like a goddess.


If you have followed all these steps, you’re probably feeling ready for bed but for me, reading is the best nightcap there is. Maybe, I will last half an hour before I drift off but allowing myself a moment to forget all about my troubles is perfect to a deep sleep. Here’s our fave fiction novel right now!


So, the time comes to actually switch off, and so that means switching everything off – keep the phone away from your face! You’ll wake up not feeling like death, instead, you’ll have glowing skin and feel ready to conquer the world!

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  1. I’m definitely going to have to set aside some time for pamper night this week. Great list!

    xo, Liz


  2. this perfectly describes the weekend i just had =o)


  3. You guys are so real! So relateable to/for girls all over the world.
    I can’t go without checking my mails and careergirldaily every morning

    Love from Nigeria

    Ugh. So relateable. Did I say that already?

  4. God yeah ! The minute I’m back home I always put off my pants and bra it’s almost my favorite part of the day haha.
    All of those steps are keys (and now I don’t want to go work) -x

  5. This is so good! I can’t wait for my next pamper night in! going to do all of these! kisses:D


  6. I always have my pamper nights on Mondays, since that’s when I feel like I need it the most! xx


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