These 36 Watches Are Perfect For Every Occassion( and very affordable)

If the CGD team had to pick a watch brand to obsess over, it would definitely be Olivia Burton. They have watches for every occasion and stage in your life. From beautiful pastel colors to a beautiful vampy all dark and gold watch, OB never goes wrong!



The Olivia Burton watches are also the best gift to give other Career Girls. Although we don’t really need a watch anymore for the time, it remains an accessory that can make or break your outfit. Today, the girls in the CGD Team picked out their 36 favorite Olivia Burton watches that we consider absolute must haves. Get ready to become obsessed with one of the most elegant watch brands for Career Girls.

These beautiful colorful watches are perfect for every occasion!

If you would like to have a little more detail in your watch and love a beautiful flowery background, these are for you!

Even the ‘formal work approved’ watches of Olivia Burton are amazing!

  • Ellie

    These are all so beautiful, I couldn’t choose… Lovely post x

  • Daisy Tribe

    These are gorgeous! I love the first one because it seems like it would go with everything. Thanks so much for sharing!

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