4 Apps You Should Take With You On Vacation This Year


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Vacation season is upon us; you may already have your suitcases crammed to the max (and have had to sit on top of it to close it whilst desperately yanking at the zip!), your passports at the ready and are ready to jet off anytime soon.

But before you zoom off half way across the world, check out these useful, fun and pretty different apps that you probably didn’t even know existed!

1. Google Translate

OK, you’ve probably heard of this one, but there isn’t much competition when it comes to translation apps as this one is by far the best one.

There’s nothing more awkward than wandering into a little back street café abroad and attempting to point out what you want. Trust me, I’ve been there before. Brush up on your tourist phrases and it will get you by just fine. They also have this new feature called Word Lens, if you hover your phone over say a restaurant menu in another language; it will then appear on your phone translated into your chosen language. I’ve tried it before and it’s pretty damn amazing!

2. Foodspotting

This app is a little bit like Instagram, but just for foodies. You can snap a pic of your dish in insta-style, upload it, and then write whether you recommend the dish or not. This is super useful for when you’re visiting a restaurant for the first time and you have no clue what to order.

3. One Fine Stay

A great alternative to Airbnb, this nifty app only features the crème de la crème of boutique rooms from around the world, bursting with charm and character. It also lets you see what is in the local area, the nearest ATM and even recommendations from the host.

4. Like A Local

Avoid the tourist traps, I repeat, avoid the tourist traps! This app lets you gain knowledge from the locals and trust their recommendations. You may even discover some hidden gems!

5. Findery

This app is great for discovering local lore and people’s stories from different locations across the planet. You can leave virtual notes for others to read, or you can enjoy the heartfelt words of others.


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  • April

    Definitely saving this post for when I’m going on holiday, these apps sound so helpful!

  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks for sharing

  • Erin Henry (erinmayfitness)

    YES!!! Thank you so much, I am going to Mexico shortly and didn’t even think of Google Translate! Thank you so so much!


  • Renee

    Info is great but never saw your mention on app that you can make funny faces with… I want that too when traveling . When I travel funny faces are a must, txs