4 Beautiful Hair Colors You Need To Try This Winter


If you love to change up your look for the winter months, then why not take some inspiration from everyone’s favorite site, Pinterest? We had a look for the most pinned hair dye styles on Pinterest right now so you can save these photos and take them to your stylist before Christmas!

It’s all about subtle shades and mixing colors this season – want to be ahead of the 2017 trend? Try these!



Copper Coated Candy

Copper is the shade of the season. It looks great on everybody – so why not incorporate it into your hair? A deep red or brown looks amazing with copper highlights running through it. Take this picture to your stylist if you’re feeling a deeper, warmer shade for the winter.



Precious gem highlights 

Enhancing your natural hair will help warm your skin tone up as it gets darker and colder. Precious gem highlights incorporate colors like champagne, diamond and rose gold. They’re meant to pick up the natural highlights in your hair and just give it a bit more body. They look beautiful running through all shades.



Caramel Balayage

Brunettes can embrace balayage this season, this trend is also being referred to as the tiger-eye trend. Basically, the dye is painted on your hair to create a slightly ombre but natural lightening effect. So your hair will run from dark to light. Caramel balayage works amazing on black and brown hair, you can also opt for a slightly rose brown color which is seriously on trend.



Blonde melt

Again, the most popular hair colors seem to focus on the natural effect. This blonde melt looks slightly grown out, meaning that your roots won’t appear dark. You can ask your stylist to tint your roots and run various shades of blonde through your hair. Also, make sure you specify what toner you want, your stylist can tone your blonde to a golden or an ashy color. This look seems more golden.

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  • Charmaine Ng

    I love copper coated candy. Reminds me of when I had bright red hair three years ago – but a more toned down version.
    – Charmaine

  • Lauren

    I really like the look of the precious gem highlights, I’ve never heard of that before x


  • dreamofadventures

    Beautiful colors! =o)


  • Elishia

    That copper hair!!!! I love that… and the cut. I wander if I can get away with that?


  • Manavi I Be For Beauty

    The Caramel Balayage .. I love that hair color. I could easily opt for the same as I have black hair. :D


  • Natalie Redman

    The Copper one and the Blonde Melt look gorgeous!


  • Olesia Lintvar

    I have mine done at a salon every 6-7 weeks.My natural color is dark brown but I have it colored a medium brown with lighter highlights like on third pic. Doing it every 5 weeks would give me better ‘root’ coverage. Want to tru copper there are so many beautiful shades http://newaylook.com/best-copper-hair-color/
    I love it!