4 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own This Year

photo: Darja Barannik


So, you’re a Career Girl and a beauty queen. Just like us, you want to know what products you’re supposed to have. Because trust me, a couple of months ago I didn’t even moisturize, but thanks to the amazing products coming out every season I don’t just want to know what I should use, I need to know. From amateur to expert, I’ll show you the four products you won’t be fully dressed without!

1. A mascara that’s better than falsies

Too Faced’s Better Than Sex, available here

One product that I couldn’t live without? Hm… That’s easy. Sometimes you can go without wearing foundation, your highlighter, and even your brows. But, the one thing you shouldn’t really be able to part with is your mascara. And once you’ve found The One, it’s a relationship that’s not going to end in disappointment. Take it from someone who has had multiple relationships with many mascaras, and has finally found the perfect one! It’s Too Faced’s Better Than Sex, with over 9000 reviews, you need to get this right now. It’s our favorite. Buy it here.


2. My favorite tinted moisturizer to use instead of foundation

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, available here

Getting your skincare products right takes time. Just like knowing yourself, you need to know your skin, and just declaring it as sensitive is not enough. Know your face, know your brand. If there was one product I had to swear by, it would be Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer.

On those sunny days where you don’t want to a lot of coverage, a tinted moisturizer can literally replace your foundation. Best-selling, and almost always out of stock, this tinted moisturizer ticks all the boxes. How amazing, skin care that acts like a foundation! Buy it here.


3. A hair oil that repairs and restores your hair

Rodin Luxury Hair Oil, available here

One thing us girls can agree on is hair, we want it shiny, luscious and healthy. Whether we prefer it long or short, when it comes to how we treat it, we want to know some girl’s secret. Hair being the one thing we look after the most, and probably stress about the most means that when it comes to what products we put in it, we’re careful.

The wrong product, at the wrong time, can cause major hair fails. So, what can you do to avoid that? When there’s no time for hair masks, RODIN is the best alternative. Formulated to promote health and growth, the juniper oil works to brighten even the drabbest of hair! Buy it here.

4. The cream that’ll give you that summer body

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, available here

Usually, we’re all wrapped up in our skincare, make-up products and hair to remember that we have to look after the rest of our body. And that doesn’t just mean waking up at seven am to work out! It means exfoliating regularly, and moisturizing. So, don’t just treat your body every once in a while with a nice bath bomb, treat it with Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – and no it’s not just for your bum bum!

The secret ingredient in this potent cream, which is guaranà. Apply this and watch your body become the smoothest and tightest it could possibly be. Buy it here.

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  1. I’m interested to know what the bum bum cream is like… it’s so specific! But hey- us beauty obsessed women can always justify anything ;)


  2. haha its a great name right Diana! Its great for dry skin, and uneven texture! But also helps to firm up those butt cheeks! and other body parts too :P

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