4 BIG Key Differences Between Successful And Unsuccessful Career Girls

I bet when you read the title that you thought ‘who are CGD to decide who is successful and who is not?’, and you are right, we can’t. It’s hard to measure success, but there are some differences between successful and unsuccessful people and it could all come down to a simple change of habits!

So yes, you can have all the degrees in the world, it won’t make you automatically successful. In the end, it’s as much about your achievements as it is about the way you live your life!

#1 – Successful people are positive

Positivity is a key habit of successful people. They look at life differently and have the will-power to push themselves to do anything they would like to achieve. Successful people are very optimistic and ambitious and know that they can conquer anything if they set their minds to it.

Unsuccessful people have a negative attitude that influences their life. They get easily discouraged by the things that happen to them in life. They believe that nothing will go their way, and at the end that is exactly what will happen, because a negative mindset will influence your life.

#2 – Successful people give compliments

Feedback will always be part of the growing process. Successful people will always give constructive criticism where necessary, but also know that compliments are part of everyone’s journey to success. They never talk down to people and try to avoid as much negativity as possible.

The opposite goes for unsuccessful people, they will always try to find the bad in people. They will put doubts in your head, try to overshadow your success and are always very narrow-minded. 

#3 – Successful people take responsibility for their actions

They learn from their actions and failures and will use experiences to improve their future. Successful people don’t lie to themselves, they look at what they did wrong, face the problem and make sure they do not make the same mistake twice.

Unsuccessful people will blame everything and everyone for their failures except themselves. They think that every bad thing that happens to them is because of someone else, and their situation almost never improves because they are not honest with themselves or willing to change their habits.

#4 – Successful people are constantly learning

Successful people love to keep progressing, learning new skills and trying new things. They are always open to the knowledge and wisdom of others and understand that the moment you stop learning, you are dead.

The unsuccessful people are the ‘know-it-alls’, the ones that think they have the answer to every question in life. They feel like no one in this world can teach them anything, are very stubborn and think they are always right while in fact everyone is just very annoyed by their attitude.

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