4 Major Career Moves You Should Make Before You’re 30

Photo: Dulceida

As career girls we’re always looking for ways to better ourselves, and climbing the career ladder is just one of the many ways we want to improve. There are a couple of smart moves you can make before you reach 30 (although it’s never too late!) so if you want to get to the top, here’s what you should do.

1. Attend networking events 

Networking is scary, especially if you have to attend the event alone, luckily you will improve the more you attend these events, and by 30 you should be a networking superstar. There are a few things you can do to get better, though, read our article on successfully networking when you’re an introvert or find out how Fleur de Force does it by clicking here.

2. Fix up your online profiles 

Yeah, it’s time to change your privacy settings. You might still be a party animal, but your boss doesn’t need to know that, so delete (or hide) those photos and never look back. It’s about time you fix up your LinkedIn profile too, never underestimate having a professional page where others can find you. Check out our guide on becoming a LinkedIn superstar if you need some tips.


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3. Order business cards 

There’s nothing like having a stack of business cards in your pocket to make you feel like a career girl taking over the world, plus you can start handing them out to everyone you meet – yes even the Uber driver! Especially if you have your own business, you need some cards to tell people who you are and what you do, you don’t want to be caught without.

4. Test your comfort zone

Being a career girl is about pushing yourself to the limits, you need to be truly fearless to get ahead and sometimes you need to try new things. Whether that’s asking your boss for feedback directly instead of via email, trying a new hobby or making a brave career change. The sooner you do it, the more lessons you learn. Don’t forget that FAIL just means First Attempt In Learning!

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