Books We Love : 7 Coffee Table Books We Need In Our Lives


If you’re looking for home inspiration on the internet right now, the first thing you will probably see is a perfectly set coffee table with a pretty mug, a scented candle (often by
Diptyque or bath & body works) and most importantly a pile of super chic looking books.

Coffee table books are one the things every girl needs in her apartment at the moment. They are a great way to decorate your table and if there’s nothing on TV and you’ve watched all seasons of your TV Show on Netflix, you can browse through your book and you will for sure find something new every time. Here are some of my favorite coffee table books.


Vogue – The Editor’s eye SHOP

If you love fashion, you will love this book – and if you don’t you will probably still be pretty impressed by it. With work by the most famous photographers and models of all time, “The Editor’s eye” also draws attention to the important role of the fashion editor. Eight Vogue Editor’s including the iconic Grace Coddington show us how to creative three completely different pictures without changing the model, the clothes or the photographer. This book shows us what it really takes to be a great editor, and it’s much more than being in love with fashion.

b86cfd8293af40952c2974a99429272cCondé Nast Traveler – 25 years of photographs SHOP

Celebrating 25 years of the “Condé Nast Traveler”, the magazine launched an amazing book featuring its most outstanding photographs from the last quarter century. Browsing through this book you will find a perfectly chosen selection of everything from great architecture, beautiful nature to the skylines of the most famous cities in the world. If there is anything that you can be sure about after reading this book, it is that you should never stop exploring the world.

img-thingVogue Living – Houses, Gardens, People  SHOP

Vogue Living should be renamed into “Can this please be my life when I grow up!?”. It features the house you want to live in, the garden you want to chill in after coming home from your dream job and the people you either want to be best friends with or want to be. This book not only impresses – it also knows how to inspire us to keep working until we are able to afford our dream house and garden.

5620415484545_000_fKim Kardashian Selfish SHOP

Yep, we know, it’s a book of selfies. But you can’t deny there’s a certain appeal about Kim Kardashian’s book, people are still talking about her risqué selfies and her transformation from 2006 to 2014 that the book chronicles. You know that if you have this book on your coffee table, your guests will pick it up first.

_10759014Icons Of Women’s Style SHOP

For every stylish wardrobe essential there’s a woman who pioneered it, for Coco Chanel it was the LBD, this book showcases those wardrobe essentials and how they became what they are today, their history, the celebrities that wore them and the reinterpretations that have invigorated every woman’s wardrobe.

36-euro1-thumb-1000x714-480246. The New York Times: 36 Hours In Europe SHOP

Travel, culture, history and art are combined in this beautiful coffee table worthy book. The New York Times brings an illustrated, hand crafted itinerary to your travels in Europe, with the best of the best inside it’s beautiful pages. If your guests have wanderlust, you know they’ll want to thumb through this.

37427762_000_b Love Style Life By Garance Dore SHOP

This book by blogger Garance Dore is a behind-the-scenes look at her stylish life, and offers advice to readers about finding a style of their own. Grace talks about career, personal style, life and being super fashionable and chic in this inspiring book. Your guests will definitely want to take this home with them.

  • Arianna

    o wooowww! Aren´t they all just perfect? I am a huge fan of coffee table books and I already knew some of those, but you made me discover some new books that are going to pile on my coffee table! Thanks!

  • Becca

    I love the look of these books – inspires me to get up and do productive things!

    becca | beccagiveslove

  • Adeline

    I’m in love with your blog. Merry Christmas!

  • Rikke Engsig Nielsen

    Really beautiful and cool coffee table books. I love having books on my table – it’s so inspiring.

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