4 Cool-Girl Hairstyles Everyone Will Have This Fall


We don’t usually get excited about hairstyles, but this season’s hair has us reaching for our hair products. They reflect the style of the season, effortless and achievable but chic. Ready to take some photos to your stylist or start trying these out in the mirror?

1. A Braided Updo

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This one looks harder than it is. All you have to do is part your hair and separate it on one side into three sections. French braid that section until you reach the nape of your neck. You need to secure it and repeat on the other side. Finally, you combine the two plaits into one and twist them up so they become a messy bun. You can also do this with smaller plaits, or leave two long sections at the front to braid across your head.

What you need to create this look: Rub some serum, like the perfect grease-free serum Leonor Grey Nourishing And Protecting Styling Serum, between your palms and smooth your hair down so it’s easier to plait. Add a cute hair charm, like this popular one from Orelia one from ASOS to take your look to the next level.

2. A Tousled Chignon

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Easy peasy, a little bit of back-combing, a little bit of salt spray and a hair tie that’s the same colour as your hair will create this easy look.

What you need to create this look: The Mermaid Sea Salt Spray will definitely give you the texture and easily styled hair you need to create this messy quick look.

3. A Wrapped Ponytail


This hairstyle works better on longer hair. A clear hair tie is a must if you want to pull this off. Put your hair up as normal, then twist two sections around the bobble and tuck them underneath. Takes 3 minutes but instantly looks amazing.

What you need to create this look: Clear hair ties like the transparent Invisibobble will help you create this look, while a serum for smoothing like Living Proof Satin Hair Serum will help you create that polished finish.

4. A Lob

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The long bob is the hottest hairstyle this year, actually. The best thing about it is it can be cut any way you want. So it suits most hair types and face shapes. It can be grazing your chin, down to your shoulders, asymmetrical, include a fringe. It’s just the most versatile cut. Take it to your stylist asap.

What you need to create this look: A thickening spray like Bumble + Bumble Thickening Spray will create a beautiful voluminous look while the T3 Interchangeable Curler is our favorite curler for creating  beautiful waves with hold!


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