The 4 Coolest Offices Of Career Girls We Want To Be

Let’s face it – what’s the point in having a super-successful kick-ass empire if we’re not going to have a killer office too? Check out these career girls killing it in business and in their office style for some real inspiration.



1. Sophia Amoruso
With a dedicated fitness room, you can get those endorphins pumping, or unwind after a busy day at HQ with a yoga class. Oh, and if a downward dog isn’t your style, real dogs are allowed to play in the Nasty Gal office too, so you can always turn to some cuddling therapy if needed.

When they’re not working, the team behind badass brand Nasty Gal can be found chilling out, getting in-office manicures and massages or hanging out at ‘Beer & Wine Friday’s’.

So Sophia, how does a girl apply?


photo: Vincent Peone for Vogue


2. Anna Wintour
The powerhouse behind American Vogue, Anna Wintour, spends her days at fashion shows and overlooking the skyline of New York from the World Trade Centre.

The walls of her office are lined with glossy magazines as well as the full collection of Vogue books, and you can find expertly packed suitcases lining the corridors, waiting to head off on the next shoot with the office jet-setters. Oh, and as well as the endless rails of the latest collections, there are even flat irons in the Vogue bathrooms…


The-4-Coolest- Offices- Of- Career -Girls- We -Want- To- Be
photo: Justin Colt for Mydomaine


photo: Justin Colt for Mydomaine


3. Lauren Conrad
This lady just seems to have her life together, and it’s no surprise that her office at Paper Crown HQ looks like you’d find it on Pinterest. Fashion designer and author Lauren Conrad spends her days at her West LA office. If you’ve seen this career girl’s Instagram it’s no surprise that her office is ‘#goals’ with fresh flowers, classic corded telephones, stacks of beautiful books and only the best golden stationary. Swoon.




4. Jules Ostin 
Ok, so technically Anne Hathaway on set for the movie ‘The Intern’, but nevertheless the girl has one dreamy office, she can even cycle around it!


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  1. Lauren Conrad has a typewriter?!?!! I don’t think I could get away with that in my office lol

  2. Lauren Conrad’s office is insane! I wish I could convert my office to be a clone of it! Having an inspiring office is so important since you spend most of your time there! I would love to have a dreamy old typewriter and a classic corded phone!

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