4 Courses You Need To Check Out This Week

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We are finally getting to the see the highly missed sunshine! That warming optimistic feeling that you get this time of year is in full swing, and what better way to make the most of it than to try something new? From coding to freelancing, we’ve got a couple of picks of the best courses this week so be sure to check them out if you want a fresh start this spring!

#1. Code your way through anything!

1-oZA7pTY3OqNYGBO9xcuIJQAlways dreamt of starting your own business? This course could be the perfect way for you to learn how to maximize your online potential and get the ball rolling. Taking place in July in the heart of London, this course is the perfect way to get you a dab hand at the world of online (and maybe a cocktail in the city as a reward after). Check out why coding is the skill you need this year here.

#2. Go freelance!

Have you been thinking about working from home and using one of your skills to go freelance? You still need to market yourself like a business so check out this course about going freelance and building your own success!

#3. Start a business in 6 steps

Been wanting to start your own business for the longest time? Read our article on starting a business from your bedroom and then check out this course that comes in 6 parts. Start with part one – vision and opportunity and then continue learning about finances, funding, managing people and other essential parts of business.

#4. Get Instagram Smart

Want to know how all your favorite brands use Instagram to boost their business? This course will let you get business savvy with Instagram so you can do more with it than just post selfies!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these courses. I’ve always wanted to learn coding, but it would be so full on! That said, I think I may as well just jump in and give it a go. X


  2. Thank you for this course list, I am considering to try one of them. :-)

    Have a nice day,
    Lucie http://www.inbluebox.com

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