4 Easy Ways To Become A More Positive Person

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Negativity comes in all shapes and forms, you might notice that you’re struggling to see the bright side of life, or you’ve surrounded yourself with negative people and are dwelling on negative thoughts. It’s easy to do, we train our brains to respond a certain way, and sometimes we have to make a conscious effort to embrace positivity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see every obstacle as a challenge and face every hardship with a spring in your step? Most go-getters rely on optimism and perseverance to get them through anything, so if you’re ready to think like a go-getter this year, here’s how to be more positive in everything you do.

#1 Create a positive playlist

When you feel your mood dipping plug in your headphones and listen to your positive playlist. Choose upbeat, mood-boosting songs that make you want to jump out of the chair and dance. I personally rely on Daft Punk Doin’ It Right when I need a little reminder to enjoy life.

#2 Write those negative feelings down

You can’t shut off your emotions, that’s not a healthy way to encourage positivity at all. The trick is learning to deal with things properly, writing all your negative thoughts and feelings down on a piece of paper can help you process them in a healthy way. If you start an emotions journal and write everything, then look back on it in a few weeks, you’ll usually find that you can give yourself advice and realize that it’s not so bad.

#3 Don’t be afraid to unfriend

Once you start noticing patterns of negativity, it’s likely that you might start to notice there are people in your life that encourage you to be negative. Social media can be a place of inspiration and positivity, but it can also be a place for rants, arguments, and airing dirty laundry. As juicy as that sounds at the time, a newsfeed filled with negativity 24/7 isn’t going to make you feel any more positive. Unfollow or unfriend the worst offenders.

#4 Do three great things a day

Do one great thing for yourself, tell yourself you look amazing, book yourself into an exercise class, go for a facial. Do one great thing for someone else, lend someone money, pay it forward, buy lunch for a homeless person, mentor someone, help someone draft an email, the possibilities are endless. And do one great thing for the world, recycle, donate to a conservation charity, volunteer. You’ll feel instantly more positive if you’re actively rewarding yourself and others.


Feeling more positive already? What boosts your mood?

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