4 Easy Ways To Stay Active This Fall

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As soon as fall strikes, all we can think about is cozying up on the couch with a warm cup of tea. Getting out and exercising is not high on the priority list, especially when the weather really starts to get chilly, but there are a few ways to have fun while staying fit this fall:

#1 Go With Friends

Being held accountable by your friends is an easy way to get out of the house. Join a running club together, or do a weekly sports club at your local gymnasium. It’s a great way to break a sweat while socializing and you may even meet some new people!

#2 Take a Hike

National parks and local trails can be absolutely beautiful when the leaves start to turn. We often forget that walking and hiking can be a fantastic form of exercise in addition to a great photo op.

#3 Yard Work

Leaves turn, leaves fall, and then you have to rake them up. Raking, my friends, can be a major workout. You might hate it, but once it’s done you’ll gain some muscle definition and brownie points with whoever you live with!

#4 Run

If all else fails, you can run – it requires no equipment, no gym, and very little skill. If you want to start a running program, the autumn is perfect timing, since mild temperatures will be gentler on your body as you build up your endurance.

Whether you enjoy team sports, individual sports, or just breaking a sweat at the gym, there’s always something to do that will keep you active during the fall and even carry you through the bitter winter season. Remember to be proactive; force yourself to commit and ask your friends to hold you accountable. You’ll thank them. And when Christmas pudding is served, you’ll thank yourself for keeping fit in the fall.

Featured Photo: Fashionablefit

Written by Britany Powell.

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  2. Urgh I have so much trouble in staying active during fall/winter … But you’re right, hiking can be so nice by fall time (even more winter !) … I planned on going to the gym with a friend too but I am less sure of that haha ! x

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