4 Everyday Habits That Drain Your Energy


There are some habits that drain your energy, and some that replenish them. If you’re feeling run-down physically or emotionally, what can you do to help yourself feel better? There are certain everyday habits we’re all guilty of which could be draining you of your energy. Part of the battle is identifying them, but once you’ve spotted the problem areas, you’ll know how to tackle them and start feeling less exhausted.

Dwelling on the past

Holding on to regrets is emotionally draining on all sorts of levels. Not being able to move on from something keeps you locked in a vicious cycle of unhappiness or remorse, so you have to accept that the past is the past. None of us can go back and change things. Whether it was the missed career opportunity or the relationship which didn’t last, recognize that you need to draw a line under it and let go.

Lack of sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep you’re not firing on all cylinders. If you’ve fallen into the bad habit of burning the midnight oil, it’s time to reassess your sleep regime if you want to have more energy. Try to get into the routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. And try to spend half an hour winding down without any screens. The light emitted by your phone or laptop can interfere with your circadian rhythms, meaning sleep quality is reduced.

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Junk food

We’re all busy, but if you’ve developed an over-reliance on junk food and snacks between meals, you’re probably packing away more salt, sugar and processed fats than your poor body can handle. While junk food might give you that sudden spike of energy, it won’t last. Preparing dinners and packed lunches from scratch is healthier all round, so ditch the takeaways and pre-packaged sandwiches. Healthy, unprocessed ingredients will give you the slow release of energy you need to stay productive.

Worrying what people think

It’s only natural to worry about what people think of you, but that can tip over into a real problem if it occupies too much of your headspace. Not enough likes on that photo you uploaded? Nobody noticed your new hair cut? Why does that woman keep glancing at you? Living in a constant state of social anxiety is exhausting. Corny as it sounds, at some point you have to forget what the world thinks of you and just learn to be and love yourself as you are.

We all suffer from these things to a greater or lesser extent, so you’re not alone. Once you can see where the problem lies, however, you’re in a better place to tackle habits that drain your energy and start to feel re-energized.


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