4 Genius Apps That Could Just Save Your Social Life

Everywhere we go recently we keep seeing our generation complaining about the lack of connection with one another. Whether it’s a soundbite on the morning radio or a segment on the news. People feel lonely, and it’s no wonder.

We spend so much time buried in our phones, we miss the joy of spontaneous calls or coffee dates. Since putting our phone’s away is too much of an ask, we’ve compiled a list of apps that will actually help you spend time with your nearest and dearest – just don’t forget to put it away while you’re with them!

It’s embarrassing to think about how much time I spend on my phone, time spent procrastinating on Facebook or liking my friends’ posts on Instagram could have been spent actually talking to them in a bar or restaurant. This app helps you to discover your smartphone habits and tracks the time you spend on each different app.

The figures may just startle you into putting your phone on silent for a while.

Once you’ve pinned down a date with your bestie, this app helps you to book a beauty treatment! You can find new salons through the app and book your favorite treatments instantly, so you’ll leave happier and prettier!

This free app helps you to find a restaurant, and easily book a table and have a much-needed dinner with your besties! You simply fill in your location, your budget, and a cuisine type and you can book a table without having to pick up the phone. OpenTable has over 30,000 restaurants available worldwide. Easy!

How many times do you think you may have been in the same area or even the same street as a friend and had no idea? This app notifies you when your friends are nearby, so you can grab a drink, give them a quick hug or have an impromptu dinner!

What is your favorite app to help you spend time with friends?

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Featured Photo: Bang Bang Blond