4 Genius Ways You Can Make More Money

uzax3g5cmzfaIf you’re between jobs or are strapped for cash, don’t sell your clothes or rack up your credit card debt—get a side gig to bring in more money! There are many ways you can increase your income by making use of your evenings and weekend. Some of the best options you might not have considered are here!

Review Websites

You’re online anyhow—why not get paid for it? When companies aren’t sure if customers are using websites the way they want them to, they turn to WhatUsersDo to find out what people really think of their sites. All you need is to sign up to an account and make sure your computer’s microphone is working, and talk through the steps you’re going through to complete a task (stuff like “Make an appointment at our hair salon” or “book your dog in for a grooming using our app). They pay £8 per session, which usually lasts about 15 minutes—much more than the usual minimum wage!


Yes, the sure thing that we all turned to in high school is still a major money maker! Reliable, trustworthy people are hard to come across, and anyone who’s needed a child-minder will tell you they’re worth their weight gold. Get in touch with nannying agencies and let them know you’re available; or, make some flyers up and see if preschools and after-school programs will let you advertise within them. If you don’t like kids, consider pet sitting or dog walking (advertising in grooming salons and veterinarian’s offices).

Transcribe audio

No one likes the way their voice sounds when it’s recorded, and some people will do anything to avoid it—including paying someone else to do it for them. Audio sites will send you clips, you type them out and send back the transcript. It might be slow to start (my experience is that it takes about twice the length of the audio file to write all of it down) but it’s a great way to make money, and get faster at typing!

Freelance within your field

This is especially useful if you’re looking for a job while you work. Imagine yourself in an interview for your dream position—what could you show a potential employer that would impress them? For example, if you’re in tech, make websites for small businesses. If you’re an expert in your field, pitch articles to websites and magazines. Stay active within the community, and hopefully you’ll make some money doing what you love (and who knows what could come from it in the meantime?)


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