4 Inspiring Magazines You Might Not Have Heard Of

Sometimes all you want to do is put your phone on silent, cozy up and flick through the glossy pages of a beautiful magazine. These days, it’s no longer about guy advice and glossy bright colours. There are so many independent magazines to read if you want something to think about.

Assembled with love by writers, photographers, travel journalists and editors, these independent magazines tell stories through their meaningful content and seamlessly curated design. It’s eye-candy for the living room and soothing medicine for the soul.


1. If you love the simple things

Kinfolk magazine available here.

It’s hard to believe that Kinfolk is still an independent magazine because it’s such a big thing now. They even have a book now. Kinfolk is a lifestyle magazine aimed at young creatives. It has some great advice on minimalist living and teaches the good life by decluttering and appreciating culture and aesthetics. They cover food, fashion and the keys to an organized, simplistic life. There’s even an entrepreneurial advice guide coming out soon. If you like dreamy images and the simple things in life, you’ll love this magazine.


2. If you need a dose of wanderlust

Suitcase magazine available here.

Looking for some inspiration on a rainy Friday afternoon? Are you itching to book your next holiday? Suitcase gives you interesting perspectives on fashion and design from around the globe. Not only do they publish thought pieces written by cool people like David Attenborough, they also have beautiful photo essays that will make you want to pack your bags right now. With city guides that actually give you an idea of what to expect, plus lists of what to pack and the coolest accessories and gadgets that will take your travels to the next level.


3. If you’re a real foodie

The Gourmand available here.

The Gourmand has won multiple awards for its biannual issues on food and culture. Their stories will have you salivating, dreaming up your next city break as you sift through timeless images and sleek features on some pretty high brow stuff! It’s worth subscribing just to get your hands on 120 pages of that silky, nice smelling paper we all love and get enthusiastic about food.

4. If you’re design minded

Lula Magazine available here.

Lula is just the kind of magazine you’d want sitting pretty on your coffee table. Aside from the beautiful photography and quirky fashion columns, Lula is full of character and charm; a pop culture work of art in itself! This British magazine is all about the wonderful, the magical, and the ethereal. If it’s in this magazine it’s worth reading about it. The edit and design of this magazine is beautiful as well, in fact it’s quite rare and hard to find sometimes!

Which magazines do you subscribe to for a dose of inspiration?


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  1. Order placed! Thanks you for introducing me to Kinfolk! I am an avid magazine reader and always seeking to find out about new indie magazines, but sometimes i end up getting some pretty bad ones.

  2. Kinfolk is a favourite of mine but I’m certainly gonna have to check out your other mentions!


  3. Wow! I didn’t know these magazines! All of them look wonderful! I’ll try to read it to make my life richer!

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